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10-130 Reset course


Data can be reset in all course types. This affects the following data which will be either reset or cancelled:

  • Progress (learning path)
  • Number of attempts
  • Test runs
  • Points and success status
  • Release assessment
  • Reminders

The function can be applied either to all or selected participants and to all or only selected modules. Visible assessments are still saved as a version in the participant's success record. The course data is made available for download as a ZIP file afterwards. Tests are cancelled but can be restored. These restored tests are then valid for the current version.

Important steps

  1. In your course, click on Administration and then on Assessment tool. The Assessment tool window opens.
  2. Click Reset data in the upper right corner.
  3. For Course elements, choose between:
    • Entire course: The data of all course elements will be reset.
    • Selected course elements: The data of specific course elements will be reset.
  4. For Participants, choose between:
    • All participants: The data of all participants will be reset.
    • Selected participants: The data of certain participants will be reset.
  5. As soon as you have made a selection of modules or participants, confirm your selection with Next.
  6. Confirm: "I understand that this resets the corresponding data." Then click on Finish.
  7. An archive file is generated and made available for download.


Overview of the effects on course modules

  • Participant Folder: The submissions are completely deleted and are not subsequently displayed in the data archiving/performance record.
  • Task: The submissions are deleted, but can subsequently be downloaded again in the archiving. The evaluation remains visible in the performance record.
  • Tally list: Completely deleted. If an evaluation has taken place, it remains in the performance record.
  • Test: Results are cancelled and reset. If an evaluation has taken place, it remains in the performance record.
  • Folder uploads: Are not affected.
  • Forum posts: Are not affected.
  • Form: Can be filled out again. However, individual forms remain unchanged.
  • Enrollment module: Disenrollment from the respective group is done.
  • Scorm with points transfer: The points transfer will be deleted.
  • Topic assignment: Are not affected.
  • Appointment scheduling: Appointments remain.
  • Practice: The exercise module is not affected.
  • Portfolio task: Will be reset and participants can pick up the task again. However, the task that has already been started remains in the Folders area with the releases that have already been made.

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