30-180 Creating a wiki and editing its content


Wikis are used to develop content together. The configuration includes the option of deciding if all course participants or only the course owner can create/edit/delete articles. Wikis can be utilised in courses as course elements (see HelpCard 30-181) or in the course’s toolbar or as tools in groups. If you subscribe to a wiki (in the upper right-hand corner), you will be informed about changes in a timely manner (see HelpCard 20-070). In this HelpCard you will find out how to create the learning resource wiki and how to fill it with content.

Please note: wikis are course-independent (thus one wiki is employable in many courses at the same time) and can be edited outside or inside of any given course. This means that any edits that have been undertaken in any one course will be transferred to all other instances of this wiki!

Important Steps

  1. Click onto Authoring. There, click onto Create, then onto Wiki. Fill in a title for your Wiki and click onto CreateThe Learning resource wiki has been created and you are now in the settings of the Learning resource.
  2. If desired, you can enter a Description, a Cover image or a Teaser movie. Save your changes. In the tab Metadata you can license your content (see HelpCard 00-040). In the tab Share you can configure different access options for your wiki (see HelpCard 10-070).
  3. Click the name of the wiki in the breadcrumb navigation in the upper left-hand corner of the page to get to the main site or the Index of the wiki, and from there onto the edit page. The index is the entry page of your wiki. From there, all important subpages should be reachable.
  4. Structure your content by putting links into two pairs of square brackets (for example [[Literature]]).
  5. Click Save and show at the bottom of the page. You can view the wiki in the display mode now (=Tab Article). The new link will appear in red.
  6. Clicking on the created link automatically creates a new page for your content. It will be opened in the edit mode (=Tab Edit page).
  7. Edit the page according to your preferences.
    • Allow participants to navigate from this subpage to the main page by putting the following internal link into the first line: [[Index|Back to the Index]].
    • You can also define other internal links with the following schema: [[Title of the wiki page (for example index)| Shown text (for example back to the index)]].
    • In general you will find multiple formatting options on top of the text box. This and further options (for example inserting images, external links etc.) will be shown in the context-sensitive help.
  8. Click the blue help button with the question mark symbol in the upper right-hand corner on top of the text box to open up the context-sensitive help.
  9. Should you have finished editing the page, click Save and show. The page will be shown in display mode (=Tab Article).
    • With the Discussion tab you can open a topic on the page that you are viewing (click onto the button Open new topic) and/or react to already-opened topics.
    • The Versions/authors tab shows all the edits made.

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