50-011 Inserting a survey into a portfolio task


A form, especially the rubric question type, is particularly useful in e-portfolios for peer reviews, criterion-referenced feedback or clear assessments. To include a survey in a portfolio template, you first need to create a form learning resource (see HelpCard 33-010).

In this HelpCard you will learn how to include a survey as an assignment in a portfolio template.

Important Steps


  1. Create a new portfolio task in the desired Portfolio 2.0 template (see HelpCard 50-010).
  2. In the Type field, select form.
  3. Click on Select a form and insert the desired survey.
  4. In the field Evaluation you can further specify the type of assessment.
    • Only self evaluation: The user creates a self-assessment and answers the questions of the questionnaire. Here he can, for example, assess his own competence with regard to certain aspects. Feedback is not provided.
    • Auto and external evaluation: Both a self-assessment and several third-party assessments can be made. The self-assessment is not displayed for the person giving an external assessment.
      • Invitee can see self evaluation: With this option, the self-assessment of the person giving a third-party assessment is displayed. The self-assessment is only displayed after the third-party assessment has been submitted.
      • Anonymous external evaluation: The third-party assessments are anonymous. It is not visible to the user who has submitted which third-party assessment.
  5. Now click on Save.
  6. In order for an external evaluation to take place, after the portfolio task has been picked up, the learner has to share it with other people in the Share tab, e.g. all course members or course supervisors (seeHelpCard 50-021). Afterwards, these persons can use the survey and make assessments.

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