50-021 Collecting performing and managing access to the portfolio


In this HelpCard you will learn how participants can pick up, edit and release a portfolio task in a course. How a portfolio folder can be created independently of a course is explained in HelpCard 50-030.

Important Steps

Pick up portfolio task

  1. Open the course in which the portfolio task is located and select the course element Portfolio task.
  2. Then click on Collect portfolio task.
  3. Now click on the link next to Portfolio task collected.
  4. Click directly on the assignment. Now you will see the task title, description and task type.

Edit Portfolio Task

  1. First select a layout template using the Add a new layout button. In the next step you can edit the task with Add Content.
    • If configured in the portfolio task settings, you may also add new entries or delete the entire fetched folder.
    • According to the colour marking, you can immediately see in which status a portfolio task is.
    • In the Entries tab, select a task from the drop-down menu to edit it. Tasks that have already been started become visible under the area heading.
  2. When you have completed the task, click Publish Entry. The entry is now ready for release and receives the status Published.
  3. Once an entry has been published, it can no longer be changed, only commented on. Therefore, you should be careful not to publish an entry or an edited task until it is completely finished.

Release portfolio task

  1. To share your task or entry, click on the Access control tab and then on Add Access Rights in the top right corner. The following options will appear:
    • Choose owner of course.
    • Choose coach of course.
    • Choose participant of course: Select a person from the course to view the portfolio.
    • Add member: People from outside the course can be added here.
  2. Select the desired option and click Next.
  3. Select the areas/assignment to be shared. Also select in the column whether it is to be shared for assessment or commenting.
  4. Click on Next. Leave the tick next to Send email if you want to send an email to the selected person.
  5. Click on Finish. Your folder or its contents can now be rated and/or commented on.

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