33-010 Creating a Form


In OpenOlat you have the possibility to create the learning resource Form and to embed it in one (or more) courses in the course elements Survey or Form. Course participants can only complete this form once in the respective course. In the course element Survey the results are saved anonymously. In the Form module, you can see the names of the participants in the course view.

Important steps

  1. Open the Authoring and select the Create button, click Form here. Now enter a title for your survey and click Create. The learning resource Form is now created and you are in the settings of your Form.
  2. If necessary, you can enter a Description, Cover image or Teaser movie here. Save your changes. In the Metadata tab, you can assign a license (see HelpCard 00-040). In the Sharing tab you have the option of making your form available to other users (see HelpCard 10-070).
  3. To fill your form with content, select Administration in the upper left corner and here Edit content. You are now in the survey editor.
  4. With the button Add a new layout you can now fill your form. For more information on the form editor and the various content blocks, please refer to HelpCard 33-011.
  5. With a click in the respective content block you can edit it again. You can change the order of the content blocks as you wish with drag and drop.
  6. When you have finished creating your form, close the editor by clicking on the red X in the upper right corner.
  7. Finally, insert the form into your course using the Survey or Form course element. For more information, please refer to HelpCard 33-012 and HelpCard 33-013.

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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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