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33-011 Editing a Form


In OpenOlat you have the possibility to create the learning resource Form and to embed it in one or more courses in the course element Survey or Form. Course participants can only complete this survey once in the respective course. The results will be saved anonymously in the module Survey. In the Form, the entries are not displayed anonymously. This HelpCard will provide you with detailed information on the settings you can make in the Form editor.

You can find out how to create a Form in HelpCard 33-010, how to integrate it as a Survey into a course in HelpCard 33-012, and how to integrate it as a Form into a course in HelpCard 33-013.

Important steps

  1. Click Authoring and select the Form you want to edit.
  2. In your Form, click Administration and then Edit Content.
  3. If content already exists, you can edit it by clicking in the respective content block. You can change the order of the content blocks as you like with drag and drop.
  4. To create new content, first select a layout template by clicking Add a New Layout.
  5. Click Add Content to populate the layout. You can choose from the following content:



  • Title: You can edit the text by clicking into it. You can change the font size by selecting from h1, h2, h3, etc. options on the right.
  • Paragraph: With a click into the text you can edit it. Furthermore, text formatting options are available. You can also insert multiple columns.
  • Table: Enter the appropriate text in the table fields. You can format the table on the right side. Among other things, set the number of rows and columns there.
  • Image: Upload an image and click Save. To edit the settings of the image again, click once on the image. You can now enter the title, caption, etc. Click Close to apply the image settings.


Question type

  • Rubric: First select the type on the right. Discrete with Radio, Discrete with Slider or Continuous are available. Depending on which type you have selected, the further setting options will change. Click the Add question button to enter more questions. You can enter a weighting for each question. With the double arrow symbols on the right you can change the order of the questions. Each question can also be deleted individually. To do this, click on the trash can icon. Select Save to apply your settings.
  • Single choice: Give the question type a unique name and select the display type (Vertical, Horizontal, Dropdown). You can select whether editing the question should be mandatory or optional. Under Choice, enter the desired value instead of the example value. Click Add choice to create more entries.
  • Multiple choice: Give the question type a unique name and select the display type (Vertical, Horizontal, Dropdown). If you want to give the participants the option to enter a value themselves under Other, then select the checkbox Participant can insert other values. Now you can select whether editing the question should be mandatory or optional. Under Choice in the text field, add the desired value/text. Then click on Add choice and enter further values/texts. These will then appear as checkboxes for the participants to click on.
  • Text input: Select the Input type as Text, Numeric, or Date. Furthermore, select whether a Single row or Multiple rows should be available for the answer. If you have selected multiple rows, you can also specify how many rows are available for the answer. Now you can select whether editing the question should be mandatory or optional. Click Save to have the settings applied.
  • Upload file: Select the Maximal file size, as well as a File type (All, PDF, Image, Audio or Video). Select whether editing should be mandatory or optional.



  • Information: Select which information fields you want participants in your form to fill out by checking the appropriate checkbox.
  • Terms of use: You have the option to enter terms of use, as well as a Agreement label that will then appear as a checkbox to confirm. Click Save to have your entries applied.



  • Separator: Allows you to make visual separations (in the form of a line) (for example between questions).

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