50-010 Creating and editing a portfolio task as a learning resource


For a teacher-driven assessment portfolio to be embedded in a course, the first thing needed is a portfolio template.

The Portfolio 2.0 template is a learning resource that is created and set up in the Authoring like all learning resources. In this HelpCard you will learn how to create and edit a portfolio template.

Important Steps

  1. Click on authoring in the main menu. The authoring opens.
  2. Click on the Create button at the top right. A drop-down menu opens.
  3. Here click on Portfolio 2.0 Template. Now enter a title for your template and click on Create. The learning resource Portfolio 2.0 Template is now created and you are in the template settings. 
  4. If necessary, you can enter a description, title image or teaser film here. Save your changes. In the Metadata tab you can assign a licence (see HelpCard 00-040). In the Share tab you can make your Portfolio 2.0 template available to others (see HelpCard 10-070).
  5. In the Options tab, further configurations of the portfolio can be made.
    • Users are allowed to create new entries.
    • Users are allowed to delete binders.
    • Add template folder.
  6. Click on Save and then click on the red X in the top right-hand corner to close the settings view and switch to the portfolio editor. You can now start editing the portfolio template.
  7. You are now in the Overview tab. Here you can create new sections as well as edit and delete sections with the gear icon on the far right. Please note: A newly created Portfolio 2.0 template already contains a section that you can edit.
  8. Click on Create new section. A new window opens.
    1. Enter a title, a summary and a start and end date for the visibility of the section (optional).
    2. Then click on Create section.
  9. In the Entries tab, you can create as many new tasks as you like for each area. To do this, click on New assignment and assign a title.
  10. A summary can provide a brief overview of the task.
  11. Define what is to be done in the Task field. Alternatively or in addition, you can upload a document in the last field.
  12. Select essay in the Type field. You can find out how to integrate a survey into a portfolio task in HelpCard 50-011.
  13. Then click on Save.
  14. You can now edit, move and delete existing tasks.
  15. You can find out how to integrate a ready-made Portfolio 2.0 template into a course in HelpCard 50-020.

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