10-120 Transferring courses to a new account


When switching accounts old OpenOlat-courses won’t automatically be transferred to the new account ID. You can however easily transfer these courses to your new account ID. This is only relevant for courses of which you are an Owner.

Important Steps

  1. Click onto Authoring and then onto My entries.
  2. Filter your selection with the funnel-button to the right so only courses will be shown.
  3. Tick the courses that you would like to changes account IDs for.
  4. Click onto the button Modify Owners at the bottom of the page. The window Modify Owners opens up.
  5. Click onto Next to add your new account ID or new Owners to the course.
  6. Search your account ID and click onto Next.
  7. Click onto Next again. In this last step you can configure if you would like to send a mail notification.
  8. Close the process by clicking onto the Finish button.

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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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