20-080 Assessment Tool


The OpenOlat Assessment tool enables individual or group assessments. It is a central assessment service for assessable course elements. The assessment tool can be used on registered course- or group members in connection with certain course elements, for example Test, Task and Assessment. Assessment feedback can be given as points, Passed/Not passed or individual feedback. The assessment feedback can only be viewed by the individual user.

Important Steps

Assessment in the Assessment tool

  1. In your course, click on Administration and then onto Assessment tool. The Assessment tool opens.

  2. Select the course element you want to assess in the left menu navigation. The overview of the course element opens.

  3. Click on the tab Participants.

  4. Now all participants are listed. You can sort the table by To review, To release, Passed, Not passed.

  5. The following functions are available depending on the course element and its configurations:

    • Adjust grade scale: Here you can change the rating scale of an assessment that has already been performed (more information in HelpCard 40-073).

    • Test Statistics: Here you will find a statistical overview, which you can print out. In addition, you can export the raw data as an Excel file if required.

    • Export results: A detailed summary and overview are created. The downloadable ZIP file contains individual folders with the information of each participant, as well as an overview file.

    • Pull tests: The function pulls in running tests. This function is only applicable to tests in progress, otherwise it is grayed out.

    • Correction tool: Opens the anonymized correction mode. For more information, please refer to HelpCard 40-061.

    • Reset all data: The test data of all participants will be deleted.

    • Start new bulk assessment: This makes it possible to perform several evaluations at once.

    • Download all submitted files: The downloadable ZIP file contains both individual folders with the task and the submissions of each participant, as well as an overview file.

  6. By clicking on the three-dot menu to the right of each participant, you can perform various actions. Please note: the availability of the listed actions depends on the status (Not started, Started, Correcting, Assessed) the test is in:

    • Show details / assess: An evaluation form for the entire test opens. Results can be viewed here, tests can be cancelled and the correction mode can be opened.

    • Correct: Opens the personalized correction mode. Preferably use the anonymized correction mode (see HelpCards 40-061).

    • Finalize assessment: The assessment is assigned the status Completed.

    • Reopen assessment: Opens a previously closed assessment.

    • Release: The assessment becomes visible to one or more participants.

    • Withdraw release: A previously given release is withdrawn.

    • Pull running test: The test is set to status Finished/Corrected.

    • Create new supervisor chat: see HelpCard 40-062.

    • Results as PDF: Generates a PDF of the results.

    • Add disadvantage compensation: Adds a disadvantage compensation. For more information, see HelpCard 40-033.

    • Reopen finished test: Opens a test that has already been finished.

    • Reset number of attempts: Resets the number of test attempts.

    • Reset data of test: Resets the data of the respective test.

  7. You can unlock additional actions by placing a check mark to the left of one or more participants:

    • Finalize assessment: The status of the assessment is changed from Correct to Assessed.

    • Release: The rating is visible to the people who rated it.

    • Withdraw release: The assessment is not visible for the assessed persons.

    • Prolong: The test time can be extended (only if the test is running).

    • Test Statistics: See description above.

    • Export results: See description above.

    • Correction tool: Starts the anonymized correction mode.

    • E-Mail: A form for composing and sending an email opens.

Please note: Students only have access to the results on the test start page/course element as long as the visibility and access of the course element is not restricted. For more information, please refer to HelpCard 40-070.

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