40-060 Technical problems during exams


OpenOlat generally runs very stable. Temporary problems can nevertheless occur, as with any technical system. Due to the changeover to online teaching, there is also a significantly higher workload.

There could therefore be short interruptions during an exam due to overloading of our system or other technical problems. However, it is much more likely that students have technical difficulties on their side, such as a weak or unstable internet connection. Misconfigurations in the exam or student misconduct during an exam can also lead to complications.

Important Steps

Preparation for the exam

  1. Find out about the technical requirements and options for your exam at eCampus or ask us for specific written instructions. We will be happy to help you find the appropriate information.
  2. When configuring your exam, pay special attention to correct setting of visibility and access (HelpCard 10-030 and HelpCard 10-031), integration of the Decleration in lieu of oath and transfer of exam registrations from VIS:online to an OpenOlat exam group (HelpCard 40-031), if this is relevant for you.
  3. Contact us at least 2 weeks before the exam. We will be happy to advise you individually on the technical component of your exam and, if you wish, also check the settings you have already made for your online exam.
  4. Establish a communication medium with your students via which you can be reached during the exam in case of technical emergencies.
  5. If possible, provide a small sample exam that students can use to familiarise themselves with the system.
  6. Tell your students how the test/exam will be configured. E.G.: The order of the questions can be chosen freely; you have 1 hour for the test; you are allowed to skip questions; etc. Inform students how to behave in case of technical difficulties.

During an exam

  1. Please do not change any settings in the test, course or course element under any circumstances during the exam. This will automatically restart the course, the students will "kicked out" of the test and have to re-enter. In addition, other technical difficulties may occur.
  2. If individual students have problems with the internet connection and are "kicked out" of the test: All answers that were completed by the students in the test with Save answer will be retained. Students can close the browser window, log in to OpenOlat again and "restart" the test. The test will then continue from the point where the internet connection was interrupted. Please note, however, that the visibility and access to the course element must be given at this point, otherwise the students will no longer have access to the test.
  3. If you would like to extend the test time of individual or several students, you can do this during an ongoing test in the assessment tool (see HelpCard 40-042).
  4. If students click on End Test, the test will be closed. Depending on your settings in the test, the entire test can be taken again or it is no longer accessible to students.
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