40-031 Creating exam groups


In OpenOlat, exam groups can be created. This is helpful if, for example, not all participants of an OpenOlat course will also take the exam in this course. Exam groups from VIS:online can be copied and imported into OpenOlat. 

Please note: There is no automatic matching or synchronization between exam groups in VIS:online and exam groups in OpenOlat. Therefore, do not transfer the registrations until all registration processes in VIS:online or in LFU:online have been completed.

Individual participants can still be added or deleted manually in the examination group in OpenOlat, but in case of several registrations and deregistrations it is recommended to delete the entire member list and to import the updated VIS:online participation list again. 

Important Steps

Create exam appointment 

  1. Create exam appointments in VIS:online (under Participant Administration/Create New Dates). Students can then register for the corresponding exam groups/appointments in LFU:online.
  2. Registrations must be confirmed in VIS:online.

Export list of exam participants 

  1. Log in to VIS:online.
  2. Under the Studium tab, select the Teilnehmerverwaltung item.
  3. Navigate to the desired exam date and double-click to open the registration list.
  4. Click Druckvorschau there. The Teilnehmerliste report opens.
  5. Now select Bericht OLAT-Export in the drop-down menu. The OLAT-Export report opens.
  6. Click on Export Excel and open the list in Excel.
  7. Highlight the Account column with the user IDs (do NOT use the student numbers or names!) and copy these IDs to your clipboard. 

Create group in OpenOlat

  1. Log in to OpenOlat
  2. Switch to the Groups tab and select the Create group option in the upper right corner. The Create new group window will open.
  3. Here you can assign a unique name to the group that identifies your exam group as well as possible, for example: 2020S123456-Examgroup1-DayTime. You can also specify the intended number of participants here.
  4. Confirm with Finish
  5. Click Administration in the view of the group and switch to the Members tab there.
  6. Klick on Add member and then select Bulk search. You can now import your registered test participants. This is done by Copy&Paste the user IDs or e-mail addresses from your VIS:online Excel export of the list of test participants.

Add group to course

  1. Click the Groups tab and open the group you want to add to the course.
  2. Click Administration in the group and then click the Courses tab.
  3. Click Add course and select the appropriate course.
  4. The group has now been added to your course.


Customize test configuration and assign group to test

  1. Now switch to your course and there to your test.
  2. Click on Administration and in the drop-down menu on Course editor.
  3. In the test course element, click on Visibility and Access.
  4. In each tab select Depending on group.
  5. Under Only for learning groups click Select.
  6. Select the appropriate test group and click on Apply.
  7. Save the change.
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