20-010 Creating groups


Groups in OpenOlat

Groups can be course independent work groups or facilitate the member management of a course. Groups are a way for enrolled members to cooperate and collaborate in closed structures.

In a Conventional course, groups can be used to regulate the visibility of, and access to individual course elements (see HelpCard 10-030). Group tasks that have to be managed and done in groups can also be created in a Conventional course.

In a Learning Path Course, visibility of and access to individual course elements can be regulated with group dependent exclusions. More information about these exclusions can be found in HelpCard 10-032. (For more information about visibility and access in Learning paths see HelpCard 10-031).

As soon as a group has been created and members have been added (or have registered themselves), the group will be available to all group members in the OpenOlat menu in the Groups tab. Here groups can be searched, managed and/or marked as favourites by clicking on the flag to the left of the group name.

Important Steps

  1. Click on the Groups tab in the main menu. The groups view opens up. In My groups you will find all groups with you as a member or an owner.

  2. Select the button Create group in order to create a new group. The Create a new group window opens. 

  3. Fill in the name of the group and (optionally) a short description.

  4. You can also choose to limit the number of participants, add a Waiting list and optionally enable participants to automatically move up in the Waiting list.

  5. Click on Finish.  The created group opens up. 

  6. Click on Administration in the menu to the left.

    • You can change the name of the group as well as the entry settings in the Description tab.

    • In the Tools tab you can equip the group with various tools. This is particularly useful when groups are used to regulate access and visibility to course elements in conventional courses.

    • You can add and remove members and change their roles in the Members tab.

    • In the Courses tab, you can link the group to specific courses.

    • In the Share tab you can configure a booking method for accessing the group. If NO booking method has been configured, only OpenOlat users who have been added by the group coach are members. Members can also add themselves to a group if it has been added to the course element Enrolment in a course.

    • All OpenOlat users can also add themselves to a group if they provide an Access code.
    • With the offer Freely available all registered OpenOlat users can enroll for the group.
  7. Finish the group configuration by closing the window with a click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner.

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