31-013 Virtual Classroom: Meeting recordings


With the course element Virtual Classroom/BigBlueButton in the Toolbar you can start an online meeting directly in your course. Within this meeting you have the option of recording the meeting (see the handbook for BigBlueButton). Once you have closed the online meeting the recording will be processed automatically. The duration for this process can vary, the recording should be accessible to you by the next day at the latest. If you log into https://av-admin.uibk.ac.at with your User ID, you can not only view a list with your recordings but also check their statuses. After processing you can make your recording available to be viewed by course participants either directly in the course element Virtual Classroom or with the course element Recordings.

Important Steps

Recordings available directly in the course element Virtual Classroom.

  1. Select the course element Virtual Classroom. By default, you will arrive in the tab Online-meetings.
  2. Click onto the Select button besides the meeting you would like to make available. You will now arrive in the overview of the single online meeting.
  3. Once the processing has finished, you will find the recording(s) listed here, under Recordings.
    1. When configuring an online meeting (see HelpCard 31-011), you can select groups of people for whom the recording is automatically published. For all others, the recording is not yet published.
    2. In both cases it is possible to retroactively change these configurations. For this purpose, click onto the button Publish to and (un)tick the relevant check box according to your preference. Next, click onto Publish to save the changes. The published recording will now appear with the button Open for the selected group of users. By clicking onto this button, the users will be able to view the recording.
    3. Under the three dots menu to the right of the recording you can click onto the button Delete to delete the recording at any point. Please note: By clicking this button, you permanently delete the recording. It cannot be recovered.
  4. Please note: To make your recordings accessible for guests, further configurations of your course as well as the online meeting are necessary. You will find specific instructions for this in HelpCard 31-012.


Course element Recordings: Making recordings available

It is possible to make recordings available with the course element Recordings. In the course element Virtual Classroom all recordings are only viewable by clicking onto their respective online meetings first. The course element Recordings offers a more convenient solution by making them collectively available as a series of recordings. Create the course element as described in HelpCard 32-040.

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