30-130 Calendar


With the course element Calendar you can embed the course calendar into your course structure and with it provide a good overview over important dates for your course members.

In OpenOlat you can create/manage calendars for groups, for courses as well as a personal calendar.

Course calendar: Is embedded into the course as the course element Calendar.

Group calendar: Can be added to a group as a tool (see HelpCard 20-010).

Personal calendar: Can be configured as a tool in the personal settings (see HelpCard 00-020).

This HelpCard will show you how to insert a course calendar with the course element Calendar and create events.

Important Steps

  1. Open your course via Authoring.
  2. Click onto Administration and then onto Course editor. The Course editor opens up.
  3. Choose Insert course elements in the upper left-hand corner and under Administration and Organisation the course element Calendar. The Course element has been added to the course structure and can (if necessary) be moved to a different place via Drag&Drop. Alternatively it is possible to add course elements with the Quick-Add function in the yellow-lined menu on top of the course: Insert the name of the course element into the Quick-Add bar and push the Enter button.
  4. Fill in the title shown in the course structure under Title in the tab Title and description and, if desired, fill in the Description. Click onto Insert additional information to add Objectives, instructions or instructions for the coach. In Addition to this, you can Set a link for this course element by clicking onto the blue text and copying the predefined link. Save your changes.
  5. In the tabs Visibility and Access or Learning path you can, if desired, regulate the visibility and the access to the course elements:
    • If your course is a Conventional course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-030.
    • If your course is a Learning path course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-031.
  6. In the tab Layout you can change the layout of course elements. You can add background images to course elements or change the font colour. How to do this you will find in HelpCard 10-033 Layout.
  7. In the tab Calendar configuration you can choose whether a fixed date should be shown or not. Save your changes. Please note: for each course only one calendar can be created. The same course calendar will be shown should you insert multiple course elements Calendar.
  8. Click onto the red X in the upper right-hand corner to close the Course editor. To publish these changes, choose the option Yes, automatically (for further informations about the Publishing of course contents see HelpCard 10-020). The course view has been adjusted to include any changes made.
  9. To add a date choose the course element in the course structure. The calendar view is shown. By clicking onto a desired date you open a new window.
  10. Fill in the desired configurations for your event:
    • Calendar: The course calendar is selected by default (=title of the course).
    • Subject: Type in the Subject, a Description (if desired) and a location for your calendar entry.
    • Color: You can choose different colors for a better visual overview of your entries.
    • Beginning and End: Determine a date as well as a time for your event. Should the checkbox All day be ticked, you can only add a date.
    • Recurrence: Type in if the event is to be repeated (as well as the desired interval).
    • Visibility: Select who can view the calendar and for how long.
      • Private: Only members of the course that the calendar is assigned to can view the calendar entry.
      • Time visible only: All course members can view the entry with all specifications. In addition to this, all OpenOlat Users or Guests who can access the course can view the time and the date but no other specifications of the entry.
      • Public: All course members can view the entry with all specifications. In addition to this, all OpenOlat Users or Guests who can access the course can view all specifications of the entry.
  11. Save your changes and the event.
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