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40-021 Importing questions via excel spreadsheets


Instead of creating questions individually in the question pool or test editor, you can also import an appropriately formatted list of questions of some question types into your question pool via Excelimport. Here you can download a template. You can also find a template for this in OpenOlat if you click on the Import button in the Question bank menu at the top right and select QTI 2.1 Excelimport via Copy&Paste. In the window that opens, you will find the Excelimport template for download.

Please note that you have to use the mandatory fields and the provided columns for the respective question type in order for the import to work.

Important Steps

  1. Create your questions in your spreadsheet program using the examples provided in the Excel template. The template contains examples for the question types Gap text, Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Kprim, Essay, Matcg, Drag and Drop and True/false.
  2. Mark all questions for import and copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+C or right mouse button → Copy).
  3. Switch to OpenOlat, click on Question bank in the menu bar and select the question bank (e.g., My questions) to which you want to import on the left. The desired question bank opens. 
  4. Click on the Import button on the right, then on QTI 2.1 Excelimport via Copy&Paste in the submenu. The Import window opens.
  5. Then paste the clipboard content into the input field (Ctrl+V or right mouse button → Paste) and click Next. A list of questions is displayed. On the left in the status column, you can see whether the required fields have been taken over (checkmark symbol) or not (X symbol). Only necessary fields are checked, not the correctness of the fields' content!
  6. Click Finish to import the questions. The imported questions are now displayed in the question pool.
  7. Then check if the questions were imported correctly.

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