30-151 (Group) Task options


The course elements Task (HelpCard 30-150) and Grouptask (HelpCard 30-160) offer a multitude of options and can be adapted for specific situations. In this HelpCard you will find an explanation for how to use the different functions of the Workflow and the other tabs and how to configure them.

Important Steps

Open your course via Authoring and click onto Administration and then onto Course editor. Select the required (Group) Task. 


Tab Layout

You can find more information about the tab Layout in the HelpCard 10-033.


Tab Visibility and Tab Access

You can find mor information about both tabs in the HelpCard 10-030 and HelpCard 10-031.


Tab Workflow

Here you can determine which of the following six tabs (Task assignment, Submission, Return and Feedback, Grading, Sample solution and Highscore) you would like to use. The chosen tabs will be activated once you tick the relevant checkboxes. For detailed information on the Workflow tab, see HelpCards 30-150 Task or 30-160 Grouptask under item 6. You can also give coaches the right of an owner to add and edit documents by ticking the checkbox Manage assignments/sample solution. For further information concerning the roles Owner and Coach see HelpCard 20-030. After doing so, click onto Save.


Tab Assignment

Important: To configure the course element you need to add or create an assignment in file format.

  • Upload assignment or Create assignment: You may upload an assignment (for example a PDF file) or create one with the OpenOlat text editor here.
  • Type of assignment: Users can select the task themselves (by themselves) or you can have the task assigned automatically.
  • Preview: The tasks can be viewed before their assignment.
  • Type of sampling: The task can be assigned to only one single user/group or to more than one user/group.


Tab Submission

You can define the configurations for the submission of task files here.

  • Upload files (e.g. PDF): Course members can upload a submission file here.
  • Submission with OpenOlat editor: Course members can submit files created with the OpenOlat editor.
  • Assignment is template for submission: The task from the tab Assignment is used as a template for the submission of the file. This file can be edited with the OpenOlat editor.
  • Min./Max. number of documents: Fill in the minimum/maximum number of documents that should be submitted.
  • Submission confirmation: Participants will receive a confirmation when they submitted one (or multiple) files. This confirmation can also be sent via e-mail.


Tab Revisions and feedback

You can define how many revision documents can be uploaded here.


Tab Grading

You can define the configurations for the grading of the submitted files here.

  • Score granted: You can define if a score should be handed out here (A definition of a minimum and a maximum score is needed then).
  • Levels/Grading: For more information on the configuration, please refer to HelpCard 40-073 Grades.
  • Display passed / not passed: The course members are shown whether they have passed or not.
  • Type of display: Passed/not passed should be displayed automatically by a threshold score or manually by coach.
  • Individual comment: An individual comment for participants can be added.
  • Individual assessment documents: An individual assessment document can be handed out (Upload of external documents).


Tab Sample solutions

Upload or create solutions here. Existing sample solutions can be exchanged or edited by clicking onto the gear or the pen symbol.


Tab HighScore

This tab will only be activated if you enter score values into the fields Minimum score and Maximum score in the tab Grading. This offers an easy comparison with a potentially motivating factor to participants. You can determine if the users’ information should be anonymised or displayed with their names attached. The options for the display include a winner’s podium, the histogram and the list with the best participants.


Tab Reminders

For more information about remidners please refer to HelpCard 20-090.


Tab Reminders & to-dos (Only for Lerningpath-courses)

For more information about reminders please refer to HelpCard 20-090.

For more information about to-dos please refer to HelpCard 00-021.


Click onto the red X in the upper right-hand corner to close the course editor. To publish these changes, choose the option Yes, automatically (for further information about the publishing of course contents see HelpCard 10-020). The course view has been adjusted to include any changes made.

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