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34-010 Course element SCORM learning content


SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is a reference model for exchangeable electronic learning content. You can use it to embed externally created learning content - usually smaller exercises, games or other interactive learning content, such as H5P content - into your OpenOlat course.

SCORM learning content can be generated via external editors such as Lumi, eXelearning or Courselab. Please note that these are external tools that are not serviced by ZID and we can only provide limited assistance in case of problems. Here you will only learn how to integrate already created SCORM packages into OpenOlat.

Important steps

  1. In your course, click on Administration in the upper left cornerand then on Course editor. The course editor opens.
  2. Click on Insert course elements and select the element SCORM learning content. The element has now been created in the course structure and can be moved (later on, if required) by drag and drop. Alternatively, you can use the Quick-Add function in the yellow-lined menu bar to enter the name of the desired course element and conveniently insert it into your course by pressing the Enter key.
  3. In the Title and Description tab, enter the title to be displayed in the course structure on the left.  Click on Insert additional information to additionally enter learning objectives, instructions or instructions for the coach. Furthermore, you can Set link to this course element in order to refer to it from outside or inside the course by clicking on the text with a blue background and copying the existing link. Save your entries.
  4. In the tabs Visibility and Access or Learning path you can, if desired, regulate the visibility and the access to the course elements:
    • If your course is a Conventional course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-030 .
    • If your course is a Learning path course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-031 .
  5. In the tab Layout you can change the layout of course elements. You can add background images to course elements or change the font colour. How to do this you will find in HelpCard 10-033.
  6. Select the Learning Content tab

  7. Click Select or import SCORM learning content. The Select or import SCORM learning content window opens.

  8. If you have not yet used SCORM learning content in OpenOlat, click Import. In the next step, either select a file or drag and drop to add it.

  9. You have several options for embedding the SCORM content:

    • Show module within OpenOlat: OpenOlat, especially the course menu, will still be displayed.

    • Show only module: Only the SCORM module is displayed and OpenOlat is hidden.

    • Show module in full screen mode: The module takes the whole space. The navigation and menu of OpenOlat are hidden. There is a back button.

    • Show module in full screen mode, without "Back" link: The module takes up the entire space. The navigation and the menu of OpenOlat are hidden. There is no back button.

  10. Depending on which setting you have made, there are now the following choices:

    • Show module menu: Here you can set whether the menu of OpenOlat should be displayed.

    • Show module navigation buttons: This setting controls the navigation.

    • Skip launch page: The content is started automatically when clicked, otherwise the Start learning content button appears.

    • Close module automatically on finish: The module will be closed when the content is finished.

    • Transfer score from SCORM: Either the result is not transferred, or the Score or Passed is transferred (Points or Passed).

    • Prevent subsequent attempts from decreasing score: If you allow multiple attempts, points will not be reduced.

    • Count attempts only if score is transferred.

    • Max number of attempts.

  11. Click the red X in the upper right to close the course editor. To publish the change, select Yes, automatically (for details on publishing, see HelpCard 10-020). In the course view that opens, all changes have now been applied.

Note: If you have created an assessable SCORM content (e.g. via Lumi-Editor), you can find the participants' results in the assessment tool.

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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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