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2015-08-17: Bell-Prize for Rainer Blatt [German]

2015-07-17: FWF grants nine new projects (Weihs Gregor) [German]

2015-07-08: The Year of Light (Tiroler Tageszeitung, Ferlaino Francesca) [German]

2015-06-26: Best Student Paper Awards 2015 (Meinert Felix-Florian) [German]

2015-06-11: START Prize for Ben Lanyon [German]

2015-04-16: Consonance between Micromechanics and a Circuit

2015-03-24: FWF grants eight new projects [German] (Keil Robert)

2015-01-15: Improved interface for a quantum internet


2014-11-21: Tyrolean Science Award for Rainer Blatt [German]

2014-11-13: Ultracold and unbreakable [German]

2014-09-19: New Insights into the World of Quantum Materials

2014-07-18: Error tracking in quantum memory [German] 

2014-07-10: New Paths into the World of Quasiparticles

2014-07-01: Five Physicists under Highly Cited Researchers 2014 [German]

2014-06-30: Time-bin entangled photons from a quantum dot [German]

2014-06-16: Long-range tunneling of quantum particles

2014-06-13: Quantum Computation: Fragile yet Error-free

2014-05-13: Quantum Trimer – From a Distance

2014-04-09: Talk by Prof. Blatt in the series "Die Grenzen meiner Wissenschaft - die Grenzen meiner Welt?" [schedule] [German]

2014-03-24: Three-particle entanglement test

2014-03-20: ÖAW scholarships awarded  [German] (Huber Tobias, Martinez Esteban)

2014-03-13: Quantum Chaos in Ultracold Gas Discovered

2014-02-25: 4. Day of Phyiscs [German]







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