Cavity-QED. In our experiments, we investigate interfaces between single trapped ions and single photons in the framework of cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED). CQED describes the interaction between quantized matter (e.g., ions) and single quanta of light (photons) with boundary conditions on the light mode provided by an optical resonator. By integrating an ion trap with the cavity, it is possible to investigate what happens when you leave an ion in the company of a single photon (read more).


Nanospheres. In this project, we are studying the interaction between optical fields and the mechanical motion of a levitated nano-object. Our aim is to prepare and study non-Gaussian quantum states of motion (i.e., with negative values in the Wigner function) of large objects to test the validity of quantum mechanics at unprecedented large scales (read more).

Ion trap technology

Ion trap technology. In this ESQ discovery programme, we will investigate new ways of driving the RF confinement of an ion trap which should open up the possibility to switch the direction of the trap axis within the coherence time (read more).

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