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FWF Doctoral Programme Atoms, Light, and Molecules (DK-ALM)

The Doctoral Programme (Doktoratskolleg) Atoms, Light, and Molecules, DK-ALM, is a collaborative programme that provides a research and training environment for excellent national and international students.

It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and started in January 2016. The programme combines fore-front research in several scientific fields within the framework of atomic, molecular and optical physics with high-level education.

The doctoral programme is linked to the four Physics Institutes at the University of Innsbruck and to the Physics Research Center, one of the five Research Focal Points of the University.


Ein­blicke in die Wasser­stoffent­wick­lung

Wasserstoff spielt eine wichtige Rolle im klimaneutralen Energiemix der Zukunft. Die Arbeitsgruppe Chemische Physik am Institut für Ionenphysik und Angewandte Physik hat ... [weiter]

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PhD Students

You want to learn more about the PhD students in the doctoral programme, their research areas, and their contact information? [more]


Open PhD positions

New applications for our doctoral programme are accepted until the positions are filled. [more]


Faculty Members

The faculty consists of 14 participating researchers from the four physics institutes of the University of Innsbruck. [more]

Faculty Members

Application procedure

You are interested in doing your physics PhD in a thriving research environment in the heart of the alps? Send us a CV and a statement of your interest and motivation to ... [more]

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Atoms, Light, and Molecules

Speaker Univ. Prof. Dr. Roland Wester
Deputy Speaker Univ. Prof. Dr. Francesca Ferlaino
Scientific Management Dr. Heide Streicher, Dr. Eric Endres

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