Summerschool Achensee 2017

In the first summerschool of the DK-programme, students, faculty members, and speakers met for three days of training and discussions at lake Achensee in Pertisau in Tirol. Besides educational purpose, the summer school stimulated team work and collaborations among the students and research groups.

We thank the speakers of the summerschool for giving excellent talks and seminars on hot topics in AMO physics and for stimulating questions and discussion with and among the students. We also thank the students for their contribution to the Poster Session and for their active and lively participation in all the summer school activities. Finally, the get-together at lake Achensee was a perfect setting for our first general assembly, where all student and faculty matters of the DK-ALM were discussed with all members of the programme.


Prof. Dr. Blair Blakie

University of Otago - New Zealand

An Introduction to Dipolar Quantum Gases


Dr. Thomas Lang

University of Innsbruck - Austria

Quantum phases & transitions beyond the Landau paradigm


Prof. Dr. Melanie Schnell 

Max Planck Institut Hamburg - Germany

Modern molecular spectroscopy - from structures to chirality


Prof. Dr. Vladan Vuletic 

MIT Cambridge - USA

Quantum nonlinear optics - photon by photon


Travelcharm Fürstenhaus am Achensee, Pertisau, July 5th to July 7th 2017


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