Physics Colloquium and DK-ALM 2017

The Innsbruck Physics Colloquium is a forum for a broad range of topics from all physics disciplines with a focus on modern and innovative research. Students, young researchers, and professors all listen to the talks given by esteemed guest researchers. The Doctoral Programme DK-ALM joins this tradition and contributes with Pre-Talks of DK-students.

The Pre-Talks of DK-ALM students are scheduled for the following days of the Innsbruck Physics Colloquium:

May 16th 2017
16:30 Pre-talk given by Malcolm Simpson: Photodetachment spectroscopy of molecular anions in a 22-pole ion trap
17:15 Colloquium talk by Prof. Gabriel Ferrari, Univ. Trento: Spontaneous creation, dynamics and interaction of vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates

May 30th 2017
16:30 Pre-talk given by Davide Orsucci: Flexible resources for quantum metrology
17:15 Colloquium talk by Prof.a Stephanie Wehner, TU Delft: Quantum internet - the certifiable road ahead

June 13th 2017
16:30 Pre-talk given by Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup: Topological code switching in two dimensions
17:15 Colloquium talk by Prof.a Paola Caselli, MPI Garching: The first steps toward chemical complexity during star and planet formation

Location: lecture hall C, Technikerstraße 25, 6020 Innsbruck