Innsbruck Physics Colloquium
Winter 2021/22 

Tuesdays 17:15, lecture hall C

The Innsbruck Physics Research Center organizes the Innsbruck Physics Colloquium always on Tuesdays at 17:15 in lecture hall C during the semester.

If not stated otherwise the lectures will take place in presence.

Occasionally the colloquium will be preceded by a Doctoralprogramme Atoms, Light, and Molecules Pre-Talk at 16.30.

Organizers: Martin Beyer, Hanns-Christoph Nägerl, Anita Reimer

Innsbruck Physics Colloquium

19.10. Rainer Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Tchnology (MIT), Cambridge

The beginning of gravitational wave astronomy: current state and future. (Innsbruck Physics Letcure - hybrid lecture)

Ben Lev, Stanford University, Stanford, California

An optical lattice with sound.


Mike Niemack, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Probing fundamental physics and cosmic structure with measurements of the cosmic microwave background.


Minna Palmroth, University of Helsinki
Title to be announced 


Alexander Kendl, Innsbruck University




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