David Sauerwein

David Sauerwein, PhD

David worked on entanglement in quantum many-body systems in the group of Prof.a Barbara Kraus. He quantified and investigated new transformations of multipartite entanglement. During his PhD studies, he visited Gilad Gour at University of Calgary in Canada and he worked with the research group of Ignacio Cirac at MPQ Garching in Germany. He received his PhD in Innsbruck on Feb.19th 2019.

Current employment: Data Scientist, Faculty.ai, London/UK

Selected publications

C. Spee, J.I. de Vecente, D. Sauerwein, B. Kraus: Entangled Pure State Transformations via Local Operations Assisted by Finitely Many Rounds of Classical Communication. Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 040503 (2017)

 D. Sauerwein, N.R. Wallach, G. Gour, B. Kraus: Transformations among Pure Multipartite Entangled States via Local Operations are Almost Never Possible. Phys. Rev. X 8, 031020 (2018)





David Plankensteiner, PhD

David worked on on quantum optics and cavity QED in the group of Prof. Helmut Ritsch. He worked in the field of quantum optics with dipole-dipole interaction of quantum emitters. During his PhD studies, he visited JILA Institute - University of Colorado, Boulder, US, Max Planck Insitute for Science and Light, DE and ICFO - The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, ES. He received his PhD in Innsbruck on July 8th 2019.

Current employment: Postdoc, University of Innsbruck

Selected publications

D. Plankensteiner, C. Sommer, H. Ritsch, C. Genes, C., Cavity Antiresonance Spectroscopy of Dipole Coupled Subradiant Arrays. Physical Review Letters 119/9, No. 093601 (2017)

S. Krämer, D. Plankensteiner, L. Ostermann, H. Ritsch, QuantumOptics.jl: A Julia framework for simulating open quantum systems, Computer Physics Communications 227, pp. 109 - 116 (2018)





Davide Orsucci, PhD

Davide worked on quantum algorithms in the theory group of Prof. Hans J. Briegel. For example, he published two quantum algorithms to solve systems of linear equations. During his PhD studies, he visited the Center for Quantum Information and Control in Albuquerque and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He received his PhD in Innsbruck on October 30th 2019 and worked as  a postdoc at University of Basel, CH, in the Quantum Optics theory group, Sangourad group in 2019.

Selected publications

Y. Subaşı, R.D. Somma, D. Orsucci, Quantum Algorithms for Systems of Linear Equations Inspired by Adiabatic Quantum Computing, Physical Review Letters 122, 060504 (2019)

 D. Orsucci, H.J. Briegel, V. Dunjko, Faster quantum mixing for slowly evolving sequences of Markov chains, Quantum 2, 105 (2018)





Lorenz Kranabetter, PhD

Lorenz worked on the helium nanodroplet experiment and explored the unique properties of these systems in cluster growth mechanisms, ion molecule reactions, and spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Paul Scheier. During his PhD studies, he visited the University of Southern California, Vitaly Kresin, Los Angeles, US. This collaboration was  relevant publications with Vitaly Kresin. He received his PhD in Innsbruck on January 21st 2020.

Current employment: Postdoc, University of Aarhus, NL

Selected publications

J. W. Niman, B. S. Kamerin, D. J. Merthe, L. Kranabetter, V. V. Kresin, Oriented Polar Molecules Trapped in Cold Helium Nanodropets: Electrostatic Deflection, Size Separation, and Charge Migration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 165301

L. Kranabetter, N. K. Bersenkowitsch, P. Martini, M. Gatchell, M. Kuhn, F. Laimer, A. Schiller, M. K. Beyer, M. Oncak, P. Scheier, Considerable matrix shift in the electronic transitions of helium-solvated cesium dimer cation Cs2He+n, Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys, 2019, 21, 25362-25368   


Martin Hebenstreit, PhD

Martin worked in the group of Prof.a Barbara Kraus, where he studied multipartite entanglement. He worked on entanglement classification as well as on matchgate computations. During his PhD studies, he joined the University of Technology Sydney, the Benasque Science Center, the University of Cambridge and the University Carlos III de Madrid for research. These collaborations lead to publications e.g. with Richard Jozsa, University of Cambridge. He received his PhD in Innsbruck on April 20th 2020.

Current employment: Postdoc, University of Innsbruck

Selected publications

Hebenstreit, M.; Jozsa, R.; Kraus, B.; Strelchuk, S.; Yoganathan, M.: All Pure Fermionic Non-Gaussian States Are Magic States for Matchgate Computations, Physical Review Letters 123/8, No. 080503 (2019)

Słowik, O.; Hebenstreit, M.;  Kraus, B.; Sawicki, A.: A link between symmetries of critical states and the structure of SLOCC classes in multpartite systems, arXiv:1912.00099 [quant-ph] (2019)




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