World Quantum Day - Ask a scientist

Online-Session for pupils with Anne-Catherine de la Hamette (UNIVIE) and Martin Ringbauer (UIBK)

14th April 2023     at 2 and 4 p.m.


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The Institute's advisory board

With more than 100 employees our institute has reached a size, that it seems sensible to set up an advisory board. This allows for better communication which essentially includes everyone as the meetings of the advisory board will be organized as an open event so everyone can partake.

The advisory board will be composed of four representatives of our professors, two representatives of our scientific employees, two representatives of our students and one representative of our administrative employees – and their respective substitutes.

These representatives have been elected by the electorate:

Wolfgang Kuen

Thomas Monz       and      Emil Kirilov

Robert Keil     and     Ben Lanyon

Tracy Northup
Rudolf Grimm
Francesca Ferlaino
Gerhard Kirchmair

Gregor Weihs (inactive due to appointment to head of institute)

The following student representatives have been nominated:

Barbara Obwaller     and     Philipp Hell

Annika Bayer     and     Tatjana Gobold

Meetings are open to everyone interested and will be about every two months. They will be announced per E-Mail. 



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