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The Photonics group is lead by Prof. Gregor Weihs at the Institute for Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbruck. We conduct research in quantum optics, nonlinear optics, the optics of semiconductor nanostructures, and in addition we perform experiments on the foundations of (quantum) physics.

BSc/MSc theses, open positions

  • There is a PhD position open for applications until August 5, 2017.
  • Good MSc students are always welcome to embark on one of our exciting topics and are encouraged to take the course component ("Forschungspraktikum") in our group to prepare them for the thesis research work. Foreign students beware: MSc students are not normally funded in Austria.
    For further information on our topics or to request an appointment, please contact us under
  • We participate in the doctoral program "Atoms, Light and Molecules".
  • Applications of exceptionally qualified prospective PhD students and Post-Docs should be sent to
  • Internships are only considered for EU-nationals or applicants with a valid work visa for Austria.


2017-07-03: Mathias Sassermann & Denis Karpov join the Group as new PostDocs
Alexander Schlager joins the Group as a new PhD. student
We congratulate Alexander Schlager on his MSc. Thesis
We congratulate Mathias Sassermann on his PhD. Thesis
Three-Photon entanglement [news; German]
Lukas Kirchner & Georg S. Gruber join the Group as new MSc. students 

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Integrated Quantum PhotonicsMost of our projects are concerned with the creation and applications of entanglement. For the creation of entangled photon pairs we employ semiconductor micro- and nanostructures such as quantum-well microcavities, quantum dots, and Bragg-reflection waveguides. In the future these could be integrated with lasers, active and passive optical elements and even detectors on a single chip. Our long term-goal is the quantum optics lab on a chip. In addition we pursue experiments on the foundations of quantum mechanics and in quantum communication, for example quantum key distribution. (read more...)

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Konstantin Fehler [24.04.2017-28.04.2017]
Glenn Solomon [12.04.2017-15.04.2017]

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