A Supersolid Disk 


In collaboration with the Ferlaino Group we have extended what is known to be possible with 2D supersolids by theoretically and experimentally creating round supersolids in disk-shaped traps.

Article in Physical Review Letters

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Featured in Physics: Synopsis

New Scientist

Our work published in Nature! 


In an exciting collaboration with the Ferlaino Group and Luis Santos we have realized the first-ever 2D dipolar supersolids.

Article in Nature

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University of Innsbruck

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ESQ Discovery Project awarded to Russell Russell2

Russell has been awarded one of only six ESQ Discovery Project grants this year. The Discovery Programme supports new ideas and innovative research that go beyond traditional thinking. By developing novel finite-temperature methods to simulate dipolar condensates, Russell’s project endeavors to lay the theoretical groundwork required to create the first-ever bulk supersolids.

Announcement on ESQ website

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