Flexible Hourly Childcare in "SpielRäume"


In SpielRäume, it is possible to avail of childcare on an hourly basis for children (from 6 months up to 10 years) of students and employees of the University of Innsbruck.

This childcare facility offered by the University of Innsbruck is a flexible solution during the academic year in addition to other care options, such as daycare centers, kindergardens or schools. Thus, the SpielRäume are an option for those university members who basically have their childcare organized, but need (additional) childcare for a few hours per week.

Childcare by the hour can also facilitate a parent's re-entry to the work place.

If, for example,

  • your childminder cancels an appointment,
  • unexpected childcare problems appear,
  • kindergardens or schools are closed or
  • childcare is needed while the parent attends a lecture or a seminar,

pedagogic experts can provide childcare for your child directly at the University of Innsbruck Innrain Campus.


The latest activities 

The children helped us diligently with the garden work. We have discovered many animals in the soil, planted flowers and shrubs and incidentally beautified our garden.

Gartenarbeit 2

A special thanks goes to the works council for the scientific staff and the Student Council (OeH), who have supported our flexible childcare financially for years!

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