Leisure Time

Parent-and-Child Offers

Parent-and-Child Centers

Parent-and-child centers are meeting points and information centers for future parents und parents with small children. Offers range from informal meeting opportunities ["offener Treff"] to courses on the topic of birth and babies and coached parent-and-baby / child groups. The Parent-and-Child Center Innsbruck offers a comprehensive program.

Parent-and-Child Meeting Point [Eltern-Kind-Treff]

The Eltern-Kind-Treff Adamgasse also offers a Treff Café and numerous courses for (future) parents and children.

Holiday and Leisure Time Offers

University Sports Institute (USI)

During the Easter holidays as well as in the first and last week of the summer holidays, the University Sports Institute (USI) offers a sports program for children aged 7 to 12 years.

Family and Senior Citizen Info [Familien- und Senioreninfo]

Every year, Family and Senior Citizen Info publishes a summer holidays brochure and a brochure about sport possibilities in Tyrol.

Innsbruck Holiday Train [Innsbrucker Ferienzug]

During the semester, Easter and summer holidays, the Innsbruck TeenXpress offers children and young people from 4 to 14 years a wide range of workshops in the areas of sports, culture and nature along with excursions plus action & fun.

Play-with-Me Weeks [Spiel-mit-mir Wochen]

During the summer holidays, play-with-me weeks are offered in all of Tyrol.

Sport and Adventure Weeks

The association "Gesünder Leben" offers sport and adventure weeks for 10 to 13-year-olds in Innsbruck, Hall i.T. and Lienz.

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