0-3 Years

Crèches and Children's groups

Crèches/ daycare centers and Children's groups aim at servicing 1 to 3-year-old children. Many service providers accept only children aged 18 months and above.

Daycare centers are organized either by private associations or by the government and are open half day (with or without lunch) or all day. Groups are limited to a maximum size of 14 children, cared for by two pedagogic professionals (depending on the individual facility).

Since childcare capacities in the area of Innsbruck are limited, especially all-day options and offers for children aged 12 months and older, we recommend you apply in good time (during pregnancy)!

Child Minders

Qualified child minders care for children aged 0 to 14 years. In small groups (max. 4 children), they offer children high-quality and competent care in your home. They are available at flexible hours, tailored to the time requirements of working parents. We recommend registration approximately 6 months before childcare is supposed to commence.

3-6 Years


In kindergarten, pedagogic experts care for children aged 3 - 6 years. For all 5-year-olds kindergartens are available free of charge, since kindergarten is mandatory from this age onwards.

Innsbruck features a large number of public and private facilities. For information about kindergartens outside of Innsbruck, please contact the pertinent municipal authorities.

In January – before your child attends kindergarten – the kindergartens of the City of Innsbruck offer open houses and registration weeks. In general, the new kindergarten year starts in September.


The Head Association of Self-Organized Childcare Tirol [Dachverband Selbstorganisierte Kinderbetreuung Tirol] operates a database with all parent-operated daycare centers in Tirol. Information about child minders is available at "Frauen im Brennpunkt" and "Aktion Tagesmütter/-väter".

You can search for childminding facilities / daycare centers / kindergartens / after-school care centers in all of Tyrol through a service provided by the Government of Tyrol.

On the online platform you can search for babysitters and childminders in your area.

A list of kindergartens in Innsbruck, open houses and registration deadlines can be found on the web pages of the Care and Education Department of the City Council. Online pre-registration is possible!

Family Services has compiled information about the facilities close to the following University campuses:

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