Services for people in need of care

In the following section, we provide an overview of mobile, outpatient, day-care and inpatient social services in Innsbruck and the surrounding area. Also listed are examples of alternative forms of living, which are becoming increasingly popular among many seniors and people with care needs. Please note that the lists are only a selection and do not claim to be complete. 

Care at Home 

In Austria, more than 80 percent of people with care needs are cared for at home by relatives, who provide valuable services but also take on great burdens. A wide range of social services and assistance offers support and relief in everyday life for caregiving relatives.


Mobile Home Help and Home Nursing Services

Domiciliary help services support people with care needs in household management and activities of daily living, such as shopping, cooking and simple care activities, and thus offers family caregivers hourly relief in everyday life. Home nursing primarily includes medical services for people with age-related and/or illness-related limitations with the aim of avoiding or shortening hospital stays. The co-payment is socially scaled according to the income of the person receiving care. The state of Tyrol additionally subsidizes part of the costs.

In Innsbruck and the surrounding area, for example, the following facilities provide mobile social services:

  • Innsbrucker Soziale Dienste include home nursing and home help, as well as outpatient physiotherapy and speech therapy (web page in German only).
  • Click here for the mobile services of Volkshilfe Tirol, which offers many everyday support services as well as mobile children's nursing care and dementia consultation hours (web page in German).
  • In addition to home nursing and mobile services for everyday life, the Mobile Care Service Tyrol also offers hourly relief for family caregivers (web page in German).
  • Here you can click through the comprehensive care and support services offered by the Red Cross Tyrol (German only), which, in addition to many mobile services, also includes a care aid rental service, meals on wheels, volunteer visiting services, a home emergency call service and assisted travel for people with health and mobile constraints.
  • The Sozialmedizinische Verein Tirol offers individual flexible care, companionship and nursing in the city area of Innsbruck (information and consulting in German only).
  • im Stadtgebiet Innsbruck individuelle flexible Betreuung, Begleitung und Pflege an. 
  • Click here to see the services offered by 65+daheim Seniorenbetreuung which include (non-medical) services in the areas of everyday life/society, household and basic care (German only).
  • The St. Elisabeth association offers vacation and short-term care, block time care from 3 hours and 24-hour care throughout Austria (information and consulting in German only).
  • If you are looking for help and support in the field of care and support in the Tyrolean municipalities, you will find a listing of the social and health care districts here

24-Hour Care

Tip: Under certain conditions, 24-hour care can be subsidized by the state. You can find more detailed information on this at the Ministry of Social Affairs (German only).

In Tyrol, for example, the following institutions provide trained personal care workers:

Visiting and Accompanying Services 

  • The family assistance of Caritas Tirol is a "crisis fire department" that comes to the house when there are acute emergency situations and short-term care gaps for children in a family. The Caritas employees support and relieve the family in their everyday life during this time. (Website in German only.)
  • Caritas Tyrol's Fachstelle für pflegende  Angehörige  arranges volunteers for accompaniment to outpatient clinics/doctors, has a visitation and assistance service and offers recuperation weeks for caring relatives. (Website in German only.)
  • The employees of the Red Cross volunteer visiting service visit people who are alone and lonely or whose caregiving relatives need relief at home or in the nursing home (Website in German only).
  • Information on family assistance & family relief as well as vacation accompaniment for children with developmental delays or disabilities of Lebenshilfe Tirol can be found at frühfördern (German only).

End of Life Care and Mobile Hospice Care

  • On the Website des österreichischen Dachverbands der Hospiz- und Palliativbegleitung (Austrian Umbrella Organization for Hospice and Palliative Care), you will find a lot of information as well as a nationwide overview of locations and services related to end-of-life care (Website in German only).
  • The Mobile Palliative Team of the Tyrolean Hospice Association cares for seriously ill and dying people and their relatives at home or in an inpatient facility (information on the website in German, consultation also possible in other languages, if necessary involving an interpreter).
  • The Volunteer Hospice Companions of the Tyrolean Hospice Association accompany people in the last phase of life at home, in nursing homes and in hospitals (information on the website in German, consultation also possible in other languages, if necessary involving an interpreter).
  • The Children's Hospice Team of the Tyrolean Hospice Association accompanies seriously ill and dying children, adolescents and young adults and their relatives at home and in pediatric wards throughout Tyrol (information on the website in German, consultation also possible in other languages, if necessary involving an interpreter).

Mobile Pediatric Nursing and Care

  • Volkshilfe Tirol offers mobile pediatric nursing „MOBITIK“ for children and adolescents at home and supports families in nursing and care by certified pediatric nurses (German only).
  • The Caritas Tyrol's Entlastungsdienst supports as a kind of "crisis fire department" in acute emergency situations in everyday life and comes into the home, for example, if there are short-term care gaps for children in a family (Website in German only).
  • The  KiB Children Care Association supports families affected by illness throughout Austria and can be contacted around the clock at 0664/620 30 40. If your child/ren fall ill, the association organizes so-called "emergency moms" Notfallmamas for members to care for them at home (3 days per illness). An emergency mom also steps in and provides care when primary caregivers are sick and need a few hours of rest.
  • The Children's Hospice Team of the Tiroler Hospizgemeinschaft accompanies seriously ill and dying children, adolescents and young adults and their relatives at home and in pediatric wards throughout Tyrol (information on the website in German, consultation also possible in other languages, if necessary involving an interpreter).

Assisted Living 

Assisted living refers to the combination of a barrier-free living situation (e.g. in apartments or housing complexes) with the possibility of using specific support services. As an alternative to a residential home, residents are thus enabled to remain in their own apartment despite their limitations. Usually, the apartments are equipped with an emergency call system. Regarding the form of organization and the extent of the care services, there are great differences.

Private residences that offer assisted living in Innsbruck are, for example:

Options for assisted living for people with mental illnesses are offered, for example, by the Psychosoziale Pflegedienst Tirol (PSP Tirol) and pro mente Tirol.

Tip: Since 2019, the state of Tyrol provides funding for carers of assisted living residents through a new guideline. Here you can find the details (article in German only).  

Inpatient and Semi-inpatient Care

Residential and Nursing Homes 

When personal care needs can no longer be met by outpatient social services, inpatient care in designated facilities is an option. Admission to a nursing home is voluntary and requires the consent of the person in need of care.

Private residential and nursing homes in Innsbruck include:

Tipp: Many inpatient facilities offer the option of short-term care - to relieve the burden on family caregivers or during a temporary absence, for example due to a vacation. You can obtain more detailed information from the respective homes
Here you can find information about short-term care in the homes of Innsbrucker Soziale Dienste (in German).

The City Council of Innsbruck provides information (in German) about the possibilities of nursing home cost financing.

Important! Since 2018, access to the assets of persons who are cared for in inpatient care facilities as well as to the assets of their relatives, heirs and gift recipients to cover care costs is prohibited (abolition of the so-called "Pflegeregress")! For more information on this issue and on nursing homes, please visit the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.    

Day care 

For people with care needs, day care, for example in a day center, offers an enrichment of their everyday situation; for family caregivers, it is a relief. The services usually include pick-up or home transportation, meals, need-based care and, depending on need and interest, therapies, excursions, events and also counselling for caregiving relatives.

The Department of Mobile Services of the province of Tyrol lists day care facilities in Tyrol

Alternative forms of living

In addition to traditional forms of care such as living in a nursing home, in assisted living facilities or at home with the support of mobile services, alternative living concepts are emerging more and more. For example, senior citizens' shared apartments or multigenerational housing projects are becoming increasingly popular among many people who would prefer to live together rather than alone in old age.

Tip: Consider which form of care is suitable and coherent for your relative, you and your family and find out about any alternative forms of care and housing projects in your area, where support services can also be used if necessary.

Here you will find a small selection of alternative housing projects in Innsbruck and the surrounding area:

  • Haus im Leben Innsbruck (web page in German) is a community living concept for all generations in which emphasis is placed on active living together and mutual support with the goal of connecting all the people living in it and strengthening the personal relationships of the residents. 
  • Haus der Generationen in Schwaz (German only)
  • As part of the "Wohnen für Hilfe"-project of Diakonischer Verein Tirol, older people provide living space for students and in return the students offer help in everyday life.

Further Offers for Relief

Meals on wheels

Home emergency call at the push of a button

Relaxation weeks for family carers

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