Additional Services

Here, you will find a list of additional university facilities:




At the Technology Campus, employees have access to the KIDSBOX. The box includes toys and handicraft items for younger children (up to 6 years), a diaper-changing pad and a foldable baby bed. The box has wheels and can be moved to your office easily.

Please be aware of our detailed information about the KIDSBOX and guidelines of usage.

Young University [Junge Uni] 

Young University is organized by the University of Innsbruck. It brings together scientists who "know" and children who "want to know" and stimulates young people's joy of science and research at an early time. During the summer months, there are numerous offers provided by the Holiday Train [Ferienzug] of the City of Innsbruck.


The University Sports Institute offers many children's courses during the semester (swimming, parent-child gymnastics, climbing, children's gymnastics, judo, and many others).

During the Easter holidays and in the first and last week of the summer holidays, there is a weeklong sports program for 7 to 12-year-olds.

Welcome & Dual Career Service 

The University of Innsbruck Welcome& Dual Career Service supports newly appointed professors and their families upon their arrival in Innsbruck. Here, they can be informed, among others, about housing possibilities and they are supported in finding jobs for their partners.

Family Services will answer questions regarding childcare possibilities, schools and other offers for families in Innsbruck!

⇒ Welcome Service Tyrol

Personnel Department 

Here is the link to the Personnel Department.

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