Family-friendly University

The University of Innsbruck offers numerous possibilities how the requirements of studies or careers can be balanced with family life. Under the menu point "Services at the University", you can find all childcare possibilities offered by the University. Here, we would like to introduce additional important measures, implemented in the past years.


Audit Family-Friendly University 

In 2013, the University of Innsbruck received the audit certificate "University & Family" issued by Familie & Beruf Management GmbH. As part of the certification agreement, many measures could be implemented successfully, as, for example

In 2016, the University Management underwent a re-certification process. For additional information, please visit the website of the Personnel Development Department.

 Audit hochschuleundfamilie

Flexible worktime models  

The University of Innsbruck offers flexible worktime models

  • Flexitime for civil servants, Academic contract university staff as well as all Non-Academic university staff (with the exception of those in shift work)
  • Free worktime scheduling: Academic university staff with collective contract

The Vice Rectorate for Human Resources offers a specific website dedicated to this topic.

You can find more information about this topic under "Worktime" on the web pages of the Human Resources Department.

In addition to the legal regulations, part-time options can be arranged for balancing career and family (e.g. management in part-time) or for facilitating re-entry to the workplace after long-term sickness.

For more information, please contact Mag. Julia Papst-Gohm, Vice Rectorate for Human Resources.

Special leave/Inability to work  

At the University, you can get special leave for a number of different reasons (among others, birth of your child, weddings, caring for close relatives). Detailed guidelines and the necessary form can be found on the web pages of the Personnel Department

Possibilities of Care’s leave  

The Human Resources Department has compiled information about the different possibilities of leave from work when close relatives need care.

Family Time for fathers [Familienzeit]  

Within 91 days following the birth of their child, fathers can take "family time" for a period of 28 – 31 days. Social Insurance Companies support this with a daily allowance [“Familienzeitbonus”] of € 22.60. For claiming this allowance, a 28-day "father's month" ["Papamonat"] can be arranged by the University of Innsbruck.

The Personnel Department has summarized all important information about this topic.

Early parental leave for fathers [Frühkarenzurlaub für Väter/"Papamonat"]  

Especially in their children's first weeks of life, many fathers want to spend intensive time with their child/children. To make this possible, fathers can claim an early parental leave of absence (also called "Father's Month"). The Human Resources Department provides more information about this option: Early parental leave for fathers.


Continuing Education during Maternity Leave  

During their maternity leave, university employees have access to the training program offered by the Personnel Development Department. This program is published every year in July. Participation for employees on maternity leave is free of charge.

First-Aid Rooms at the University  

Recovery rooms are available for all employees and students with particular recovery needs, for example, expectant and nursing mothers, employees and students with chronic illnesses and/or those with special mental or physical challenges.

A list of first-aid rooms can be found on the web page of the Service Unit of Safety and Health, Employee Protection.

Access to these rooms is possible with the time logging / parking / department chip. If pregnant students need an access chip, they can get it at Family Services (only possible for the Innrain Campus).

Diaper-Changing Tables  

Currently, diaper-changing tables have been placed at the following locations at the University:

  • Innrain 52b, Family Services
  • Campus Innrain, auditorium section – women’s and men’s toilet
  • Innrain 80, CCB, first floor
  • Josef-Hirn-Str. 5-7, ground floor, side hallway – women’s toilet
  • Technikerstraße 17, Mensa, ground floor – women's and men's toilet
  • Universitätsstraße 15, ground floor – women's and men's toilet


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