Studies with Children

Study Leave of Absence 

Students expecting a child or caring for their children or close relatives can take a study leave of absence lasting up to 2 semesters (depending on the circumstances). You can get more information and the necessary application form at the Admission Department [Studienabteilung].

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Tuition Fee Waivers 

If the stipulated time of studies is exceeded by more than two semesters, a tuition fee of Euro 363.36 is due for each additional semester.

Pregnancy and childcare are, among others, reasons why tuition can be waived. You can get more detailed information at the Admission Department [Studienabteilung].

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Studies Abroad with Children 

In February 2015, Family Services has compiled a list of family-friendly partner universities as part of the "family-friendly university" audit.

All information about studies abroad as part of the Erasmus program is available at the University of Innsbruck International Relations Office.

Financial Support 

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