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The Institute for Islamic Theology and Religious Education introduces itself: 

In the video, you will learn about the history of the Institute, the degree programs that you can study with us, as well as our main research areas. In addition, we present a small selection of our projects and publications and answer the question why it is worthwhile to study at the Institute for Islamic Theology and Religious Education!



Bachelor's Programme Islamic Religious Education

The bachelor's programme in Islamic religious education offers a theological and religious education training.Graduates will be able to apply research findings and teaching methods of Islamic culture and religion in the fields of education, counseling, and pastoral care.

If you want to learn more about the Bachelor's program in Islamic Religious Education, you will find all the important details summarized in the video on "Islamic Religious Education". We also provide all the information from the video as a PDF file for download: Study info  

Details on how to enroll in the bachelor's degree programme: Islamic religious education

Gülten Kaddar

"My greatest interest has always been the Islamic religion. The study of Islamic religious education met my interests at the right time. It gave me the opportunity to strengthen and improve my existing knowledge in the scientific field as well. Interreligious and intercultural encounters have always been an enrichment for me. For those who want to gain new perspectives, I can only recommend the study program."

– Gülten Kaddar, Studentin & Institutsreferentin Architekturtheorie, Uni Innsbruck

Master's Programme in Islamic Religious Education

The master's program in Islamic religious education offers in-depth theological and religious education training. Graduates are qualified for the fields of action education and community.

For more information, see the video "Islamic Religious Education" and the PDF summarized: Study info  

Details on how to enroll in the master's programme: Islamic Religious Education

Teacher training subject Islamic religion

The teacher training programme It trains to become a teacher of the chosen general education subjects/specialization at schools throughout the secondary level.

If you would like to learn more about the the teacher training programme with the subject "Islamic Religion", you can watch the video about the programme or download the PDF file: Study info  

General information about the teacher training programme

Details for the registration of the teacher training programme: Subject Islamic Religion - Bachelor

Details for the registration of the teacher training programme: Subject Islamic Religion - Master


"My interest towards religions has always been there since my school career. To deepen my faith, connected with life, in my studies became my great desire. That is why I decided to study Islamic religious education.

If you want to have interesting, exciting, instructive conversations/discussions, while also broadening your knowledge and perspective about Islam on an academic level, you should study Islam as a teaching profession together with another subject. The study is a chance for the expansion of one's own horizon, from which important insights and action skills for one's own life orientation can arise."

– Elif Dagli, graduate & chairwoman of the Islamic community in Vorarlberg

Elif Dagli

PhD Education (Doctoral Programme)

Do you want to do a doctorate after your master's degree in Islamic religious education or teaching with the subject "Islamic religion"? You can find information about this under the following link: PhD Education (Doctoral Programme)

If you already have a topic in mind and are looking for a doctoral supervisor, you can directly contact our professors Univ-Prof. Mag. Dr. Zekirija Sejdini or Univ.-Prof. Dr. Abdullah Takim.


Further Testimonials

Mathias Steixner

"If you want to learn about a religion, it is particularly exciting to experience authentic approaches. At the Institute for Islamic Theology and Religious Education, excellent lecturers with international reputations teach. That's why I enjoy attending the Islamic theology courses offered as a supplement to the curriculum of my major in Catholic theology."

– Mathias Steixner, student, artist and musician

"My decision to study Islamic religious education was initially out of personal interest. During the course of study, students are given the opportunity to learn more about different perspectives from both traditional and modern scholars on diverse topics.

Being able to correctly classify Koranic messages, traditional traditions or social structures is indescribably valuable. In my opinion, the qualification to teach Islamic religious education in Austrian schools as a graduate is secondary. Primary is the generation of a mindful, just as well as responsible Muslim attitude during the study."

– Azemina Masetic, graduate & diploma cosmetician

Azemina Masetic

Arif Aydogan

"I chose to study Islamic Theology and Religious Education because I wanted to enjoy a professional, broad-based theological education from competent professors in Europe. What I liked most was the family atmosphere that prevailed between the students and professors. One went to every course with great joy. I would recommend you to take a look at the Institute's website so as not to miss the enriching block courses with visiting professors."

– Arif Aydogan, student

"This study opens the way for me to become an Islamic religious teacher, i.e. to a profession that is so diverse every day and always presents new challenges. My decision came to this study because it allows me to participate in the religious and personal development of the students and to strengthen them in their independence and self-confidence."

– Kader Özdemir, student

Kader Özdemir

Mustafi Binur

"I found the focus of the Master's programme in Islamic Theology and Religious Education at UIBK very interesting. The consideration of diverse theological teachings in the seminars/lectures were particularly constructive."

– Mustafi Binur, graduate & chairman of the IGGÖ and head of the Gesab Academy

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