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Graduates of the Teacher Training Programme (General Education) are qualified as teachers of the chosen subjects for Grade 5 to 12 students*. Students of this Programme have to pick two subjects (or one subject and one specialisation subject) when enrolling.

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme Secondary School Teacher Training, an admission procedure must be completed:

Guide Admission Procedure

All future students are required to pass an entrance exam for some subjects to be chosen in the programme, for example Physical Education, Art Education, Music Education – Instruments, Music Education, etc.


Bachelor of Education (BEd)
Master of Education (MEd)

12 semesters/360 ECTS-Credits
(Bachelor 8 semesters, Master 4 semesters)

Mode of Study


Secondary school completion certificate or equivalent, language certificates



  • BA MA Art Education
  • BA MA Biology and Environmental Protection
  • BA MA Career Guidance/Life Skills
  • BA MA Chemistry
  • BA MA Computer Science
  • BA MA English
  • BA MA Ethics
  • BA MA French
  • BA MA Geography and Economics
  • BA MA German
  • BA MA Greek
  • BA MA History, Social Studies and Political Education
  • BA MA Islamic Religion
  • BA MA Italian
  • BA MA Latin
  • BA MA Mathematics
  • BA MA Music Education
  • BA MA Music Education – Instruments
  • BA MA Nutrition and Housekeeping
  • BA MA Physical Education
  • BA MA Physics
  • BA MA Religious Education – Catholic
  • BA MA Russian
  • BA MA Spanish
  • BA MA Technology and Textiles


  • BA MA Inclusive Education (Focus Disability)
  • BA MA Media Education

Elements of the
Bachelor's and Master's Programme

Elements of the Bachelor's and Master's Programme

The right degree for me?



  • gain sound knowledge in the subject matter of the specialisation subjects
  • study how to teach the specialisation subjects (field specific pedagogy)
  • study general pedagogy
  • undertake practical training in schools
Post graduation

Post graduation

PhD/Doctoral Programmes

  • Education
  • PhD in the subject of the Master thesis

Continuing Education Programmes

Meine Karriere

My career

My career opportunities

  • teach at schools from grade 5-12*
  • employment as youth worker
  • jobs in the general educational sector

Career Service


* "(Neue) Mittelschulen", "Polytechnische Schulen", "Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen", "Mittlere und Höhere Berufsbildende Schulen" and in South Tyrol: "Mittelschulen" and "Oberschulen"

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