Secondary School Teacher Training Programme (General Education)

Are you looking for a challenging degree programme that offers not only specialist training in your teaching subjects, but also educational science and practical teaching skills?

Admission Procedure

Graduates of the Teacher Training Programme (General Education) are qualified as teachers of the chosen subjects for Grade 5 to 12 students*. Students of this Programme have to pick two subjects (or one subject and one specialisation subject) when enrolling.

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme Secondary School Teacher Training, an admission procedure must be completed.

All future students are required to pass an entrance exam for some subjects to be chosen in the programme, for example Physical Education, Art Education, Music Education – Instruments, Music Education, etc.

Upon completion of the Master's degree programme, students are authorised to teach their chosen subjects. The degree programme comprises subject-specific and didactic training in each chosen teaching subject (or subject-specific training in a specialisation) as well as educational science and practical pedagogical training.

* "(Neue) Mittelschulen", "Polytechnische Schulen", "Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen", "Mittlere und Höhere Berufsbildende Schulen" and in South Tyrol: "Mittelschulen" and "Oberschulen"

Bachelor of Education (BEd)
Master of Education (MEd)

12 semesters/360 ECTS-Credits
(Bachelor 8 semesters, Master 4 semesters)

Mode of Study


Secondary school completion certificate or equivalent, language certificates



A solid basic academic education enables graduates to move flexibly and competently in their professional fields.

The variety of content and methods in the teacher training programme is designed to promote initiative and self-organisation, critical awareness, cooperation and teamwork as well as motivation.

Graduates of the Master's degree programme are authorised to teach at secondary schools for their chosen teaching subjects (see above *).

The teacher training programme is a demanding course of study at a high level. It comprises the following elements:

  • specialist training in the chosen teaching subjects
  • didactic training in the chosen teaching subjects
  • training in educational science
  • practical pedagogical training

Details can be found directly under the individual subjects.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme in Secondary Education (General Education) are admitted to the corresponding Master's degree programme and can be provisionally accepted into the teaching profession in the respective general education subjects at secondary level in order to complete the induction phase.

The qualifications acquired on the Bachelor's degree programme also open up further career opportunities in the field of education, such as social and youth work or adult education.

The Master's degree programme in Secondary Level Teaching (General Education) qualifies students to work as teachers at secondary level schools. Building on the Bachelor's degree programme, graduates have acquired the skills needed to teach in line with the educational requirements of a developing school and society.

The qualifications acquired in the Master's degree programme also open up access to professional fields in the relevant subject area and responsible employment opportunities in the field of education, such as social and youth work or adult education.

Graduates tracking: Shows which occupational fields students enter after graduation

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