Admission Procedures for the Teacher Training Programmes - Information on the admission procedures for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Dear prospective students!

A University Teacher Accreditation Programme prepares students for the profession as teacher. The partners in the network LEHRERiNNENBILDUNG – WEST offer a Teacher Accreditation Programme for Secondary Schools. Having successfully completed these study programmes, graduates are entitled to teach children and young people from the 5th grade to leaving certificate stage at new secondary schools (Neue Mittelschule,) as well as at secondary academic schools (AHS) and secondary technical and vocational schools (BHS).

According to § 65a UG and § 52e HG an admission procedure is carried out for students of a Teacher Accreditation Programme before admission to determine their aptitude for the Teacher Accreditation Programme.

Course of the Admission Procedure

The general admission procedure for the bachelor's degree program in Secondary General Education needs to be completed before registration for the bachelor's degree program in Secondary General Education.

It consists of registration and completion of a self-exploration/online self-assessment (Module A) and an electronic admission test (Module B). The aptitude assessment procedure takes place only once in the academic year and you can participate in the admission procedure only once per year (either on the main registration or on the alternative registration date).

For the following subjects, additional examinations need to be completed: physical education, music, music education instruments, and technology and textiles. You have to apply in person for these examinations at the following institutions (University of Innsbruck for Physical Education, University Mozarteum for Music, Instrumental Music and Arts).

Further information to the additional examinations can be found under the following links:
Artistic examinations:

Physical examinations:

a) Main registration: March 01, 2024 from 09am until May 15, 2024 to 12pm: Registration and online Self-Assessment

  • Registration on the portal (You will be forwarded to an external website. The university of Innsbruck and the KPH Edith Stein do not appear on this portal): Videomanual
    Fill in personal data and non-binding information on the subjects you are interested in and send a non-binding application for the Teacher Accreditation Programme for Secondary Schools.
  • Completion of the online Self-Assessment „Guided Tour 1“ on 
  • After selecting the educational institution as well as the planned study and after paying the application fee of EUR 50,00 you will receive an application confirmation.

b) Completion of the electronic admission test/personality test

  • Module B is an electronic exam that will be held in the examinarin corridor from May 27 - 29, and June 3 - 4, 2024 at the University College of Teacher Education Tirol an on May 28 and 29, 2024 at the University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg.
  • The link to the booking platform will be sent to you after the end of the registration period.
  • The result of the electronic admission test will be made available via the registration portal and must be accessed by applicants via their personal user account.

The electronic admission test is based on a scientifically and practically sound standardised computer test. The focus is on assessing the existing cognitive, emotional, personal and linguistic resources and competencies of the applicants with regard to the requirement profile for the teacher training program and the profession of educator.
For reasons of test fairness and comparability, no further information on the test content can be given in advance. It is not possible or necessary to prepare for the admission test. There is no exam material or study material. Sample questions are provided here.

a) Alternative registration term:  July 1, 2024 from 12pm until August 14, 2024 to 12pm: Registration and online Self-Assessment
  • Registration and workflow like in the main registration.
b) August 26 and 27, 2024: online admission test/personality test at the University College of Teacher Education Tirol and on August 28, 2024 at the University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg

If you have questions or need further information on the Aptitude and Interest Test please contact:
   +43 512 59923 3105
Ansprechperson: Mag. Dietmar Knitel

Applicants with disabilities can contact Mr. Mag. Dietmar Knitel for alternative examination arrangements.

Contact person ath the PH Vorarlberg:
Frau Nicol Vonderleu, B.Ed. (Primarstufe)
Herr Mag. Michael Greifeneder (Sekundarstufe)


After successfully completing the Aptitude and Interest Test (completion of the general admission procedure and, if applicable, supplementary/admission examination(s)) and after successful online registration via LFU:online, personal admission to the teacher training program takes place in the study department of the University of Innsbruck (alternatively also PH Vorarlberg). For more information, please visit

The Aptitude and Interest Test is offered only once per year.

Legal Basis

  • § 65 lit. a  Universities Act 2002

According to an amendment of the Universities Act 2002 new admission procedures for teacher education programmes have come into force in the winter semester 2014/2015.

The regulation of the admission procedure was published in the University of Innsbruck Bulletin, January 3rd 2024, Issue 17, No. 319.

Further information on teacher education programmes

On the website of the Career Counselling for Teachers (CCT) you will find the “guided tour 1” as part of the Admission Procedures for Teacher Education Programmes  as well as further information and self-discovery procedure, which will enable you to make a more accurate judgement about whether a particular career will suit you:

You can find information on other teacher education programmes offered by the network LEHRERiNNENBILDUNG WEST and on the Teacher Accreditation Programme for Secondary Schools on the website:

The website will provide you with basic information on the Teacher Education Programmes at the University of Innsbruck. There you can also find contact details of those responsible for particular subjects and the contact details of the Student Advisory  Service for Students and School Leavers of the University of Innsbruck

Selection procedures will be carried out for the following teacher training programmes at the University of Innsbruck for the academic year 2024/2025:

Teacher Training Programmes
Physical Education
Art education *
Biology and Environmental Protection
Catholic Religious Education
Nutrition & Housekeeping *
Geography and Economics
History, Social Studies and Political Education
Computer Science
Music Education - Instruments
Islamic Religious Education
Music Education
Inclusive Education (focus disability) *
Media Pedagogy *
Technology and Textiles *

* With regard to the choice of subjects South Tyrolean students should inform at the following offices: Büro für Südtirolagenden, Studieninformation Südtirol, Deutsches Schulamt and Südtiroler HochschülerInnenschaft Bozen und Innsbruck.

Click here for information about admission to study programmes without selection procedures.

If you have any questions about selection procedures for the teacher training programmes at the University of Innsbruck, please send an e-mail to



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