Presentation of the administrative procedure concerning the master thesis


1. Students: Choice of supervisor, choice of topic and preparation of the exposé.

·        The supervision has to be done by a university professor. In exceptional cases, joint supervision by a university professor and a qualified research assistant is possible.

·        In a first step you have to contact the university professors of the institute or the study representative in order to find a supervisor.

·        Narrowing down of the topic and the research question in consultation with the supervisor

·        Preparation of an exposé


2. Students: Registration of the master thesis

Please note: § 24 Statutes (study regulations):

  • Download the form for the registration of the master thesis from:
  • Filling in the form
  • Registration should be done at the time when the topic will not change.
  • Obtaining the signature of the supervisor of the master's thesis and possibly of the collaborating supervisor or a second supervisor in the case of (interdisciplinary) master's theses.
  • Obtain the signature of the responsible study supervisor/authorized representative.
  • The form will be forwarded by the secretariat to the examination office.

Examinations Office: Registration of the Master's thesis

  • Obtaining the signature for the approval of the topic and the supervisor from the responsible body (dean of studies and/or study representative)
  • Registration of the topic and the supervisor in vis:online
  • Students see the entry of the topic in their mailbox on lfu:online and can thus extend the loan period of literature at the ULB

3. Students: Assessment of the module "Preparation of Master Thesis

Obtaining the assessment and signature of the supervisor of the master's thesis - the form can be downloaded from the study profile page:

Examination office: processing of the submitted documents


4. Students: Graduation - submission of master thesis and registration for defensio:

Submission of the documents at latest eight weeks before the start of the defensio/defense of the master thesis at the Examinations Office - location Innrain 52d by mail ( or in person (appointment booking required:

Submission of the above-mentioned documents and, if applicable, recognition notices of examinations to the Examinations Office, location Innrain 52d (Note: Timely recognition of examinations is necessary!)

Examination office: Processing of the submitted documents

5. Students: registration for the defensio, at the latest four weeks before the examination date 

Please note: §§ 13 and 20 of the statutes (study regulations): The

  • Agreement on an examination date with the examination senate (must consist of at least three persons). One member of the examination senate must be habilitated
  • Fill in the application form
  • Obtain the signatures of the members of the examination senate or if appointment confirmations are available by mail, print them out
  • Obtain the signature of the authorized study representative(s)

Submitting the form for the registration of the defensio/defense of the master thesis to the Examinations Office at location Innrain 52d

Examination office: processing of the submitted documents

·         Students will be informed per mail from that the final study documents are ready for collection

6. Students: Pick up documents in person

·         Appointment booking required:

·         Collection in person upon presentation of a valid photo ID or by mail via registered mail at the student's request.


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