Institute Seminar

The Institute Seminar takes place on Wednesday at 17:15 in lecture hall G during the semester. Guests and students are welcome.

Summer 2022




Dr. Marcos Juanes San JoséDepartment of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, University of Valladolid – Spain

Institute for Ionphysics and Applied Physics, University Innsbruck, Austria 

Study of non-covalent Interactions by Microwave Spectroscopy







Machine Shop (guided tours and discussions in the machine shop only, no talk)






Dr. Helgi Rafn Hróðmarsson - Laboratory for Astrophysics, Leiden Observatory - The Netherlands

Universal PAH Fragmentation: The Search for Common Carbon Ancestors







Dr. Milan Ončák - Institute for Ion Physics and Applied Physics, University Innsbruck, Austria

Photophysics and Photochemistry of Transition Metals: Symmetry Breaking, Multi-State Reactivity and Chemical Environment Effects





Professor Andrew M. Ellis - School of Chemistry (Head of School), University of Leicester - United Kingdom

Infrared Spectroscopy of Helium-tagged Molecular Ions






Laboratory Safety: Chemicals, Gas Handling






Dr. Marjan Mirahmadi - Molecular Physics Department of the Fritz Haber Institute (MPG) Berlin, Germany

New Insights on the Ozone Formation




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