Welcome at the homepage of the working group Nano-Bio-Physics. The working group investigates fundamental questions concerning the interaction of low-energy (<100 eV) electrons with atoms, molecules and clusters. This interaction is highly relevant for the description of biological processes like for example radiation damage of cells and for material sciences where the importance of nano-physics has extremely grown in the last few years.

An other focus is placed on applied research, which is devoted to the improvement of methods for the detection of volatile organic compounds in proton transfer mass spectrometry. The latter research is carried out in the spin-off company Ionicon Analytics. Further research topics are presented on the next page.

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Our group in February 2015:


Back (left to right): Filipe Fereira da Silva (guest from Novel University Lisbon), Stephan Denifl (PI), Paul Heidler (Bachelor-Std.), Erik Barwa (Master-Std), Lorenz Kranabetter (Diploma-Std), Paul Scheier (PI), Jusuf Khreis (PhD-Std.), Michael Neustetter (PhD-Std.), Elias Jabbour al Maalouf (PhD-Std.) Front (left to right): Carolina Matias (PhD-Std.), Michael Renzler (PhD-Std.), Katrin Tanzer (PhD-Std.), Chitra Perotti (secretary), Martina Harnisch (PhD-Std.), Andreas Mauracher (Post-Doc), Johannes Postler (PhD-Std.), Stefan Ralser (PhD-Std.)

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