Upcoming events

June 23
Annual Suckling Pig Dinner
May 22 - June 5
Measurements at European XFEL, Hamburg 



May 2
Breaking gender barriers together
We are proud to say that our group is a place where women are valued equally, and no one is left out or made to feel like a minority. Let's work towards a world where everyone is respected and has equal opportunities.

April 27
Ariane Kronthaler's farewell party 

We're thrilled to announce that our former PhD student Ariane has landed her dream job as a medical physicist at the University Hospital Innsbruck! Although we'll miss her, we're so proud of her and wish her all the luck and success in her new role. Wishing Ariane all the best in her new position!

April 19

Gaming night


Board games might not be our area of expertise, but we sure had a lot of laughs playing together. What a great way to unwind after a long day in the lab!

April 12

Olga Lushchikova visited the lab of Prof. Peter Armentrout (STSM from COST COSY) 


Olga just returned from the short-term scientific mission supported by COST COSY. She spent two weeks in the group of Prof. Peter Armentrout at the University of Utah, where she learned how to experimentally determine accurate bond dissociation energies using collision-induced dissociation. In the near future, several upgrades are planned for TOFFY, providing even more information about the systems we breed in superfluid helium nanodroplets.

April 5

Tulip Summer VIII School Success: Stefan Bergmeister shows outstanding performance in presentation and racing 


Congratulations to Stefan for his excellent performance during Tulip Summer VIII School. He represented our group with style and flair. Out of over fifty candidates, he was one of only four students selected to present his work - a remarkable achievement in itself. But Stefan didn't stop there - he also showcased his exceptional driving skills and won a silver medal in the carting race with his team. If there was an individual rating, he would undoubtedly take the gold!

March 3

Mr.ToF trapped the first ions

          01.03.23_part 2 01.03.23_part1

A historical moment! The first ions have been trapped with the new multi-reflectron instrument (Mr.ToF). Matthias and Luis did a great job in a record-breaking short time! Let's wish them good luck with the optimization!

February 28

Master thesis defence of Ariane Kronthaler   

Ariane successfully defended her "Low Power DC Magnetron Sputtering: Production and Characterization of Ti and TiO2 Thin Films" thesis. She gave a very nice and clear presentation, followed by a lively discussion.  We wish her all possible luck in her further career! 

February 27

Farewell to Rector Tilmann Märk, laudation by Paul Scheier


After more than 60 years of dedicated service to the University of Innsbruck, Prof. Dr. Tilmann Märk has retired, and a retirement ceremony was held to celebrate his distinguished career. Among the guests was Prof. Dr. Paul Scheier, who had been a student of Prof. Dr. Märk's and had since become a professor of our department himself. In a heartfelt and personal speech, Paul Scheier gave a wonderful laudation to Prof. Dr. Märk, sharing anecdotes and expressing gratitude. The ceremony also featured other speeches, music, and honors, making it a fitting tribute to Prof. Dr. Märk's enduring contributions to the university.
For this very special moment, Paul even put on a suit!

February 23
Day of physics
            23.02.23_part1 23.02.23_part2
Doing cool science is only part of the job! It is also essential to share your knowledge and educate the following generations. Today on the "day of physics" we have shown our work to many high-school students and hopefully could motivate them to choose physics. And who knows, maybe we will see some of them again in the near future...

February 17-19
Retreat weekend in Dornbirn
             17.02.2023_part1 17.02.2023_part 2

Coming together in an informal atmosphere is the best way to relax and improve the group spirit. We spend the weekend in Dornbirn chatting, hiking, cooking, eating and even enjoying Carnaval. Thanks to Felix and Johanna for their enormous hospitality!!!  

February 16
Front cover PCCP
 The paper measured at TOFFY with our collaborator Jaroslav Kočišek entitled "Non-ergodic fragmentation upon collision-induced activation of cysteine–water cluster cations" got the front cover in PPCP! You can find the paper under DOI: 10.1039/D2CP04172C

February 14
Day tobogganing Praxmar
Enjoying (probably) the last tobogganing opportunity of this season with the group during a very sunny lunch break. Luckily there is still a lot of snow for a lovely ride.

February 9
Olga Lushchikova got STSM grant from COST

Olga got a short-term scientific mission grant from COST COSY ( CA21101) to visit the lab of Prof. P. Armentrout in the Department of Chemistry, University of Utah to learn how to perform CID measurements at the quantitative level in order to obtain bond dissociation energies of the desired molecules or complexes. After her visit, she will integrate this technique into TOFFY to study the binding energy of CO2 to metal clusters. 

February 6
End of sabbatical stay Prof. Masoomeh Mahmoodi Darian

Working with Prof. Mahmoodi Darian during the winter semester was a great pleasure! 

February 3
Defensio Felix Duensing

Recently Felix successfully defended his thesis entitled "From fusion relevant ion surface collisions to a database and viewer of multi-dimensional mass spectra". Next to the fusion experiments on SURFTOF, he took data digitization to the next level! We are all very grateful for the updates on the lab journal he made. Congratulations Dr. Duensing!!!

January 30
Elisabeth Gruber got grant from Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung

Congratulations to Elisabeth for getting a Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung grant to pursue her research on "Spectroscopy of He-tagged photoactive (metal)organic molecules" in the next year!

 January 27
Night tobogganing Maria Waldrast
Nach oben scrollen