Timeline of PhD Formalities 

A personal appointment  must be booked in advance to submit the dissertation. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Examination Offices. 

 Legal Basis

Curriculum PhD Computer Science  

Universitätsgesetz 2002 (University Law)   

Satzungsteil ‘Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen’ (University Statues)   


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tim Netzer is the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (MIP) and responsible for the Doctoral Programme.

Important Information

When You Arrive 

As soon as possible, register as a doctoral student. The admission process and the documents needed for admission vary depending on the student’s nationality and the type of school-leaving certificate (including where the certificate was issued) that is presented as proof of eligibility to study at university.

Information & Contact: Admission Department

When You Have Settled In 

As soon as the contours of your research topic emerge (say, within the first 6 months, or 12 at most), submit your Application for the Dissertation.

To complete it, you need:

  • a tentative title for your dissertation
  • a description of the intended research (3-5 pages, including a schedule, in English)
  • your principal supervisor and a secondary supervisor
  • optionally, a third supervisor

The first two supervisors are supposed to be from the Faculty MIP and must have a habilitation or higher qualification; the third at least a doctorate.

The Supplementary Sheet 2 is only necessary if financial means or non-monetary resources of a department of the University of Innsbruck are necessary to realize the dissertation.

Shortly after you have submitted your Application for the Dissertation to the Examination Office (Prüfungsreferat Technik), you can create your Doctoral Thesis Agreement together with your supervisor/s. Some parts must be completed within four weeks; others will be updated over the duration of your doctoral work.


By 4 Months Before the Defense 

As stated in the Study information from the Examination Office (German only):

Submit your dissertation with the following material:

  • Admission record (Studienblatt) of the current semester
  • Examination Protocol (Prüfungsprotokoll, Protokoll „Doctor of Philosophy“-Doktoratsstudium)
  • 2 hardcover-bound copies of your dissertation

  • Submission of the electronic version of the dissertation to the Examination Office
  • Form Submission of the Dissertation (Einreichung der Dissertation):
    • Thema der Dissertation: title of the dissertation
    • Themenbereich, dem die Dissertation laut Curriculum zu entnehmen ist: for Computer Science not required
    • gewünschte/r Erstbeurteiler/in, gewünschte/r Zweitbeurteiler/in: propose two independent external reviewers. Make sure that there is no conflict of interest between you, your supervisor and the external reviewers. The rules of FWF apply.
    • if none of your supervisors should be a reviewer, indicate so on a separate sheet. Otherwise, your main supervisor will automatically serve as a reviewer, and the Dean of Studies will choose the second reviewer from the two proposed external reviewers
    • if anything is unclear please contact the Examination Office Standort Technikerstrasse 17
  • PlagScan confirmation

  • Printout from the registry of Austrian dissertations

  • The Examination Office contacts the reviewers.


By 1 Month Before the Defense 

The two reviews must have arrived at the Examination Office.

The examination board of a final doctoral examination is to have at least one member who neither supervised nor graded the doctoral dissertation (Statue § 14). Choose three examiners, suggesting one of them as chair. All three examiners must hold a habilitation (or equivalent). Examiners are typically chosen among the Department of Computer Science, but may also be external.

Fix the date of the defense with the examiners and arrange a room (by e-mail to lehre-informatik@uibk.ac.at).

Submit the Application for the Dissertation’s Defense (Anmeldung zur Verteidigung der Dissertation – Rigorosum). At the same time, submit a publishable abstract by e-mail to the Examination Office.

If all requirements are satisfied, the Examination Office will confirm the date of the defense by e-mail two weeks before the defense.


The Defense 

Presentation: 30 min

Questions per examiner: 20-30 min

The defense (including the examination questions) is open to the public.

The accuracy of the content of this page has been verified by the Examination Office 2020-01-29.

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