Why Computer Science?
Personal. International. Challenging.

What is Computer Science

An overview of the importance of computer science is provided by the Society for Computer Science in their position paper “Was ist Informatik?”.

Computer science reaches far beyond the definition provided in the “Duden” (standard German dictionary). Computer science has an impact on all aspects of life. It induces sociopolitical change and alters or way or life and the way we work. Computers have become domestic appliances and at the same time most appliances have become computers! Interpersonal communication has become faster and shorter and is supported by a wide range of devices

Bright Prospects

No other study offers as many opportunities as the Study of Computer Science. Prospects on the job market are excellent – in 20 years your knowledge will still be in great demand. Most likely you are using a computer at this very moment. Almost all occupational areas are available to you – be it in research, finance or media design. As Computer Scientist you are designer in many aspects of life – from medical science to energy- and car automotive technology as well as finance and natural sciences.

Top executives are high in demand!

We will prepare you in a real-life- and future-oriented way for your career in work and research.

The Bachelor Program and the in-depth Master Program enable you to work in a wide range of jobs in the industry and other businesses. Later-on you can specialise in a core area or applied area of Computer Science and prepare for the Doctoral Program. This in turn, enables you to carry out independent research or to take a leading position in the industry.


Our IT-studies offer the following career possibilities:

  • IT-Consultant
  • IT-Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analysis
  • Database Developer
  • Expert in Quality Assurance
  • Developer for Multimedia Applications


You are in high demand world wide … as specialist in business, science and technology!


You have many possibilites in the sector of your choice

  • Industry
  • Health Care
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Software Development
  • Logistics, Telecommunications
  • Trade Chains
  • Service Providers
  • IT-Consulting
  • Entertainment Industry

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