Bachelor of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science is the first step of the academic studies and provides the students with a broad, well-founded basis to enter the professional world. Furthermore it prepares the students for the scientific extension within the Master of Computer Science. As a rule, the programme duration is 6 semesters.

The Bachelor of Computer Science is designed as a full time programme and it is not organised in a way to fully accomodate students who already work. Almost all lectures are held during the day from Monday to Friday. It depends on time flexibility of the students whether or not work and study can both be accomodated at the same time.

Compulsory attendance applies to all lectures where course work is continually assessed like Proseminars (PS), Seminars (SE) and Practical Courses (PR).

Starting in the summer semester: From a formal-legal point of view, it is possible to enroll in the bachelor's program of computer science in the summer semester. However, we suggest starting in the winter semester, because the Recommended Course Sequence is oriented towards this.

In the summer semester, only the StEOP courses of the first semester are offered to their full extend (including examination dates). The lectures are offered as online courses with video recordings and a moderated discussion forum.

* Introduction to Programming VO
* Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science VO + SL

General information about the Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP)


6 Semesters


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


A-Levels or Equivalent


Computer science is the key science of digitalization. It deals with the basics, techniques and applications of systematic and automated information processing. Computer scientists program the future. [mehr]

Computer scientists deal with the basics, technologies and applications of systematic and automated information processing. They provide methods and tools for mastering complex systems in natural science, engineering and almost all other areas of human life. To do so, they use both mathematical-formal as well as engineering methods. Computer scientists are in demand worldwide and across industries. Their occupational areas and work fields range from basic research to the development and operation of innovative technologies and new applications.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s Programme Computer Science

  • have a broad basic scientific education in computer science and are able to apply what they have learned to practical problems,
  • have acquired proven programming skills, are able to handle digital data and algorithms in a confident fashion and have an understanding of the architectural principles of modern information technology systems,
  • are qualified for working in the field of IT and optimally for a Master’s Programme Computer Science at university.

Extent and Content

The Bachelor of Computer Science comprises 180 ECTS credits. 165 ECTS credits are to be completed in compulsory modules and 15 ECTS credits can be completed in elective modules. This equals a total program duration of 6 semester. [mehr]

In 5 sentences:

 understand the possibilities and limits of information processing

  • learn how to program
  • work with data
  • master complexity
  • design digitalization

My career:

  •  in demand as specialists in almost all industries worldwide
  • development, adaptation and maintenance of hardware, software and network solutions
  • analytical and consulting activities



Questions concerning Computer Science study:

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