Bachelor of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science is the first step of the academic studies and provides the students with a broad, well-founded basis to enter the professional world. Furthermore it prepares the students for the scientific extension within the Master of Computer Science. As a rule, the programme duration is 6 semesters.


6 Semesters


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


A-Levels or Equivalent


The Bachelor Program aims at communicating well-grounded knowledge on basic principles, technologies and applications in Computer Science. Alumni will not only acquire typical core competencies, but will also be able to present complex facts in a comprehensive manner, to work in national or international teams and to demonstrate leadership competencies. Our alumni are ready to start a professional career directly after completing the Bachelor Program and are well-prepared for future developments in the IT-Sector. Additionally, our alumni will have a good grasp of judicial, ethical and society related issues. [mehr]

The Bachelor of Computer Science Program prepares you to work as Computer Scientist in Industry and Business as well as for the Master Program. As an alumni you will be able to work on hardware-, software- and network solutions for complex systems in Natural Science, Engineering and other areas. In order to do so you will use mathematical-formal as well as engineering-based approaches. In your studies you will also learn how to work scientifically and besides knowledge in the core areas of Computer Science you will also acquire the following core competencies:

  • Social Competencies
  • Problem Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Interdisciplinary and International Teamwork
  • New Media and Information Services
  • Ability to quickly familiarize yourself with new areas of application
  • Presentation and Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Development of Quality Consciousness

Extent and Content

The Bachelor of Computer Science comprises 180 ECTS credits. 155 ECTS credits are to be completed in compulsory modules and 25 ECTS credits can be completed in elective modules. This equals a total program duration of 6 semester. [mehr]

The basics of Computer Science and Mathematics are followed by an introduction into programming methodology (advanced methods and concepts of programming) and an overview of commonly used algorithms and data structures. Parallel to this, important principles of Discrete Mathematics and the architecture of modern computers are taught. Operating Systems, Databases and Software Development are also part of the Bachelor Program. Another integral part of the Bachelor Program is Mathematical Logic and the many-fold applications thereof. Finally you will learn how to work in a scientific manner. While the basic principles of Computer Science are accompanied by Formal Languages and Automate Theory, applications in the area of Image Processing, Computer Networks, Compiler Construction, Parallel Systems, Software Development and Project Management are a core element of the programme.

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