Recognition of Examinations

The recognition of examinations is regulated by the Universities Act 2002 § 78 Abs. 1.

Dr. Cezary Kaliszyk is the Associate Dean of Studies (Studienbeauftragter für Informatik) responsible for the Bachelor and Master Programmes,  the Supplementary Programme Computer Science.  Clemens Sauerwein PhD is responsible for the Teaching Training Programme Computer Science. The Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (MIP) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch is responsible for the Doctoral Programme.



The forms Recognition of exams (Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen) and the Supplementary Sheet are available on the website of the respective study programme:


A recognition is not required for courses that are completed according to an earlier curriculum and stated in an equivalence list. The equivalences are shown in lfu:online.
The exams can be transferred by the student. See lfu:online Hilfe/FAQ
Information about the allocation of exams in lfu:online: provisional allocation

Submit the completed application including all required documents:

  • Application form - signed on both sides
  • Supplementary sheet 'Beiblatt' (filled in and signed)
  • Admission Record ‘Studienblatt’
  • Transcript of Records ‘Bestätigung des Studienerfolges’ of the respective examinations
  • by email to The signature of the applicant (Antragsteller/in) is also required on the page 'Niederschrift'.

Notification of the decision by email.

Automated notification when the exam is recorded by the Examination Office. Since the processing of notifications takes a certain amount of time, recognitions are not immediately visible in LFU:online.

Courses that are completed during the Computer Science studies may be used individually. In this case a confirmation of allocation (Zuordnungsbestätigung) is required:

        • Informal email to
        • Indication about the desired allocation (allocation for elective modules according to the curriculum: indication of the specific elective module out of EM 1-20, if possible from the same research group)
        • Required documents: Transcript of Records ‘Bestätigung des Studienerfolges’ of the respective examinations, Admission Record ‘Studienblatt’

BA Computer Science 2007W: 703045 QSP Lab PS 2 (5 ECTS) -> Elective Module 12: Software Quality (5 ECTS)
MA Computer Science 2007W: 703800 + 703801 Computer Haptics VO 2 + PS 2 (10 ECTS) -> Elective Module 2: Computer Vision (10 ECTS)

Questions concerning Computer Science study:



Examinations must be equivalent in workload (ECTS credits) and content to the courses prescribed in the curriculum. 

An introductory seminar (Proseminar) without the corresponding lecture will not be recognised. 

Receiving credits is not possible with: courses and internships at companies, professional activities

Please formulate requests by e-mail short and concise. For courses that do not belong to the curriculum of computer science at the University of Innsbruck, we need a link to an official description. Optionally, send a short description of the teaching content.

BA Computer Science 

Interdisciplinary Skills

No content-overlap with courses from the Bachelor programme of Computer Science.

Eligible for receiving credits:

isi-language courses (max. 5 ECTS):

  • advanced level or higher: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • basic level or higher: all other languages (except German and mother tounge)

With a graduation of the schools listed below  a recognition of 5 ECTS for the Interdisciplinary Skills is possible:

  • HTL Elektronik, Ausbildungsschwerpunkte Technische Informatik; Informationstechnologien; Telekommunikation; Informationstechnik
  • HTL für Wirtschaftsingenieure - Betriebsinformatik
  • HAK, Fachrichtungen Informationsmanagement und Informationstechnologie; Wirtschaftsinformatik (Digital Business)
  • IT-Kolleg Imst
  • Technologische Fachoberschule Brixen or Bozen, Fachrichtung Informatik

Required documents: Recognition of exams 'Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen', Supplementary Sheet 'Beiblatt', Admission Record ‘Studienblatt’, school leaving certificate including timetable 'Maturazeugnis'

Not possible with:

  • HTL Eletrotechnik; HTL Maschinenbau; HTL Mechatronik
  • HAK, Ausbildungsschwerpunkte Controlling und Jahresabschluss; Multimedia und Webdesign; Multimedia; Business, IT und Multimedia; Internationale Geschäftstätigkeit mit Marketing
  • Höhere Lehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe, Ausbildungsschwerpunkte Kommunikations- und Mediendesign; Medieninformatik
  • KPH Edith Stein, Stams
  • 4. jährige Fachschule
  • Berufsreifeprüfung


MA Computer Science

Transition Period 2007W / 2021W - MA Computer Science


Receiving credits is not possible with: Language courses


Lehramt Informatik (BEd) 

Generell Information on the recognition procedure can be found on the website of the Faculty of Teacher Education. However, please follow the instructions listed above.


Lehramt Informatik und Informatikmanagement (Mag.rer.nat.) 

Note that for the  Examination Subject Deepening Computer Science courses with a total of 13 semester hours and at least 15 ECTS credits are required (chosen from the compulsory or optional modules of the BA studies of Computer Science)!

Supplementary Programme Computer Science

  Receiving credits is not possible with:

Master Information Systems

Supplementary Programme 2019W
VU Introduction to Progamming (5 ECTS) VO/PS Introduction to Progamming
VU Database Systems (5 ECTS) ≠  VO/PS Database Systems
Minor Digital Science (DiSC)

Supplementary Programme 2019W
VU Introduction to Progamming: Programming
in Python (5 ECTS)

VO/PS Introduction to Progamming

VU Introduction to Progamming: Programming
in R (5 ECTS)
VO/PS Introduction to Progamming

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