Master of Computer Science

The Master Program in Computer Science enhances and widens the skills and knowledge in the field of computer science acquired in the Bachelor Study in Computer Science. The Master Program enables for the ability to independent scientific working, prepares for the PhD Study and enables for the specialisation in a core area or an application area of computer science.


4 Semesters


Master of Science (MSc)


finished Bachelor Program or Equivalent


A sound scientific education in Computer Science and the application of what you have learnt on a concrete problem are of vital importance. [mehr]

In the Master Program you will

  • learn how to individually and successfully develop and apply new methods of Hardware- , Software- or Network Solutions
  • work on Hardware-, Software, or Network Projects, which require in-depth expert knowledge in a selected core area or area of application
  • learn how to (after a short introductory phase) lead Hardware-, Software-, or Network Development Projects or (international) teams or departments
  • attain expert knowledge in several areas of Computer Science and applications thereof
  • be prepared to commence the Doctoral Program if your performance and interest is above average

The Master Program will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills acquired during the Bachelor Program. It will enable you to perform scientific work on an autonomous basis and prepares you for the Doctoral Program. It offers the possibility to specialise in a core area or application area of Computer Science.

The following core-competencies will be enhanced in the Master Program:

Abstraction, formalisation and critical examination of a given problem, autonomous analysis of a problem and problem solving. Clear presentation and comprehensive documentation of the developed solution as well as Project Management. Adding to this, you will be trained to evaluate your work from a juridical, ethical and societal perspective

Admission to the Master Program requires possession of a relevant bachelor degree from an accredited national or foreign institution.

Extent and Content

The Master of Computer Science Program is characterised by the availability of a wide choice of electives. It comprises 120 ECTS credit points. There are 4 compulsory modules totalling 42.5 ECTS credit points and 5 electives totalling 50 ECTS credit points. This equals an average duration of 4 semesters. The master thesis is attributed 27.5 ECTS credit points. [mehr]

The compulsory modules incorporate the topics Compiler Construction, Formal Language and Automata Theory, two master seminars and the defensio of your master thesis. For the Specialisation Module you can choose courses totaling 20 ECTS credit points, recommended are courses on the subject of Gender aspects.

The topics of the elective modules are wide: Automated Reasoning, Datawarehouse Systems, Enterprise Architecture, Decision Procedures, Vehicular Networks, Compiler Construction, Communication Systems, Software Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Systems, Information Retrieval, Information Security, Interactive Theorem Proving, Machine Learning, Network Security, New Database Models, Semantic Web, Web Engineering


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