Defence of the Master Thesis

Prerequisite to registering for the study-concluding defence of the Master Thesis is the positive completion of all other compulsory and elective modules as well as a positive grade on the Master Thesis.

The Defence of the Master Thesis is a board examination.

Complete the Examination Records and submit it to the Examination Office ‘Technik’ – we recommend to do this before you complete your Master’s Thesis in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Hand in two hardback copies of your Master’s Thesis at the Examination Office ‘Technik’. Please refer to the “Termine und Fristen” (deadlines) (‘Fristenregelung‘) on the website of the Examination Office! You receive the form for the assessment of the Master’s Thesis from the Examination Office.

As soon as the grade appears in lfu:online you receive the form for the registration for the Final Examination from the Examination Office: the Examination Board is selected by the student, in consultation with the lecturer according to these requirements. The student has to arrange a room for the examination (via email to The Examination Office will obtain the signature of the Dean of Studies.

At least one week prior to the Master Defence you have to send a copy of your Master’s Thesis (hardcopy or digital) to the examiners and to the chair!

The Master Defence will be conducted in English.

Duration of the Master Defence:

  • Presentation of the Master’s Thesis (15 Minutes)
  • Questions regarding the Master’s Thesis and topics closely related to the Master’s Thesis (30 Minutes)