Master Thesis

For the Master of Computer Science a Master Thesis needs to be written. 27,5 ECTS-AP are allocated to the Master Thesis. The Master Thesis is a scientific assignment, proving that you are able to autonomously work on a topic from an area within Computer Science (Curriculum § 7).

  • Before starting to work on the Master Thesis each student needs to complete the form ‘Application for the Master’s Thesis’ and submit it to the Examination Office ‘Technik’.
  • The supervisor needs to be selected from this list. If you would like a different supervisor, please contact Georg Moser prior to submitting the form.


Possible topics for a Master Thesis can be found on the respective website of the research groups:

Please pay attention to the following points:

Inform yourself thoroughly and conduct talks with all research groups, before deciding on the topic of your Master Thesis!

For completion of the Master Thesis approximately half a year (full time) has to be taken into account.

The Master Thesis has to be written in English.

In case the supervisor needs to be changed, two forms have to be completed:

  1. ‘‘Change of the Supervisor of the Master’s Thesis’ (available at the Examination Office ‘Technik’)
  2. New ‘Application for the Master’s Thesis’

Please note, that the person grading your Master Thesis (= supervisor) has two months upon submission of the Master Thesis to grade it. (see ‘Deadlines‘).