Master of Software Engineering 2021W

The Master's program in Software Engineering provides the knowledge as well as the theoretical, methodological and practical skills and competences to analyze complex tasks in the field of software engineering and to implement them in solutions in a targeted manner.


4 semesters


Master of Science (MSc)


Students enrolled in the Master's program in Software Engineering learn

  • to use methods and practices for the design, analysis, implementation, testing, maintenance, and operation of complex IT systems;
  • the command of tools and processes for the realization of innovative and technically demanding software projects;
  • in-depth technical and scientific knowledge in selected areas of software engineering;
  • the ability to critically reflect on the limitations of technological solutions with the aim to make responsible decisions about their practical use;
  • to work in interdisciplinary teams and to act as an interface between specialist departments and development teams.


The following key competencies are taught or deepened in the Master’s program in Software Engineering:

  • understanding of current software technologies;
  • independent problem analysis;
  • structuring and implementation skills;
  • ability to present and document developed solutions on a technically high level;
  • quantitative-analytical ways of thinking;
  • awareness of information security and data protection;
  • experience in teamwork and software project management.

Admission to the Master’s program in Software Engineering requires the completion of a relevant bachelor’s degree or another equivalent degree from a recognized domestic or foreign educational institution.

Scope of Studies and Content

The Master's program in Software Engineering is characterised by its practical orientation as well as its technological and scientific foundation in software engineering. It comprises a total of 120 ECTS credits. This corresponds to a study duration of four semesters.

Students must complete seven compulsory modules totalling 55 ECTS credits, four elective modules totalling 40 ECTS as well as the Master's Thesis and its defence for a total of 25 ECTS.


The compulsory modules are

  • Software Engineering,
  • Software Security Engineering,
  • Data Engineering and Analytics,
  • Research Methods in Software Engineering,
  • Specialisation in Software Engineering,
  • Software Engineering Project, and
  • Master's Seminar in Software Engineering.

The electives modules enable students to deepen their knowledge in software security engineering or data engineering and analytics, in current topics of software engineering, in special topics of computer science, or in application domains.

The Master's thesis and its defence are assigned 25 ECTS credits.

Questions concerning Master's program Software Engineering:

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